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As part of our 25th Anniversary, we’d love to hear from you and share your voice with the people who work in our breweries and the customers who love them. We’re inviting our friends from local communities and around the world to give a shout out to the Michigan Brewers Guild’s 25th anniversary and share a little about when and how you connected with us, what you love or learned about our community, how has a brewery or breweries contributed to your town, any stories you might have, and what do you  
look forward to over the next 25 years. Of course these topics are suggestions and  
we encourage you to follow your own inspiration.

Whether you share in the form of a video, a short story, or an audio clip, we’d like to include your thoughts in our anniversary efforts, and here’s how:

Create and upload one of the following: 
A video, sixty seconds or less (.mov, .mp4)
A written story (.doc or .pdf) 
A photo (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .tiff) 
An audio file (.mp3, .wav)

We’ll be accepting files throughout 2022.

Click the appropriate link below to send us your submission.  

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