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Current Legislative Activity

Jul. 12

MLCC Manufacturers' Regulatory Update, July 2019

In late June Carol Shepard and Barbara Subastian of the MLCC presented to a group of MBG Members on recent changes and clarifications to the Liquor Control Code and Rules that affect manufacturers of alcoholic...

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Jul. 25

MBG Position Regarding Ballot Proposal Initiative to Eliminate Tip Credit for Restaurant Employees

A ballot item has been proposed for the Michigan general election taking place on Nov. 6, 2018. The proposal seeks to increase the minimum wage for all workers including tipped employees and eliminate the tip credit for restaurant...

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Jul. 15

MBG Position on Clean Water

The Michigan Brewers Guild’s purpose is to promote and protect the craft beer industry in Michigan and a core part of our mission is to monitor and assure a healthy brewing industry. A consistent and reliable supply of quality raw...

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May. 22

Nearly 50 members of the Michigan Brewers Guild gathered in Lansing on Tuesday, May 15 for the organization's annual Legislative Day.

The event was moved to spring and was more educationally-focused with a series of speakers including: Brian Calley: Lieutenant Governor & 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Deloney: Chairman - Michigan Liquor Control...

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Feb. 18

Elimination of Keg Tags

Public Act 166 of 2017 went into effect on February 11, 2018, repealing MCL 436.2030 which required a retailer licensee selling kegs to place a keg tag on a keg sold to a customer, required the customer to sign a receipt, and required...

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Dec. 20

Federal Excise Tax Reduction

Efforts by the Michigan Brewers Guild in association with the Brewers Association and others were successful in bringing about a reduction of Federal Excise Taxes on beer through the passing of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax...

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Sep. 14

Rep. Hooker’s proposed tax hike falls flat with craft brewers

Representative Hooker recently introduced a bill that would terrible for Michigan’s breweries. The bill proposes to increase the excise tax on beer by nearly 250% which would stifle growth in our industry. One common theme in our...

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Summer Beer Festival

U.P. Fall Beer Festival

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