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Government Affairs

The Michigan Brewers Guild exists to promote and protect the craft beer industry in Michigan. While most of the Guild’s activities are focused on the promotion of the industry, it is also vitally important to protect the interests of Michigan’s brewers. The beer industry is heavily regulated both federally and locally. The Michigan Liquor Control Code, Administrative Rules and related laws govern our industry and allow for breweries to exist and operate. Any changes to the Code, Rules or related laws have the ability to impact the brewing industry either positively or negatively.

It is extremely important that the Guild is aware of all public policy issues that may affect breweries in Michigan and that we have a voice in any discussion shaping public policy as it relates to our industry. The Michigan Brewers Guild is recognized by the legislative and regulatory community in Lansing as the trade association representing the craft brewing industry in Michigan and the Guild is continually monitoring activity in Lansing and involved in issues related to the brewing industry.

For more information on legislation related to brewing and the Michigan beer industry, please contact info@michiganbrewersguild.org.

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