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Jul. 12

MLCC Manufactures Regulatory Update July 2019

In late June Carol Shepard and Barbara Subastian of the MLCC, presented to a group of MBG Members on recent changes and clarifications to the Liquor Control Code and Rules that effect manufactures of alcoholic products in Michigan.  With about a hundred in attendance, Carol walked the group through a presentation and then took questions regarding the changes and clarifications.  Members can access the presentation afer logging into   Guild Board Members Isaac Hartman (New Holland), Dave Ringler (Cedar Springs) and Chas. Thompson (Schmohz) we on hand to help facilitate questions and discuss concerns presented by members.  

The Guild board reamins very comitted to helping our members learn and follow the laws and rules that pertain to our industry.   If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our board through  -  The board sets aside time every meeting to review, discuss and answer comunications recieved from Members.   Please make sure your contact information is up to date with our Membership Manager Sherry ( so you will be informed of other important events.

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