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Oct. 14

Beer list for 2019 Detroit Fall Beer Festival

2019's Detroit Fall Beer Festival will feature well over 850 locally made beers from 130 Michigan breweries. Browse the list below to scope one the ones you'd most like to try. Your next new favorite awaits!

Tickets are still on sale for both Friday, Oct. 25 (5-9pm) and Saturday, Oct. 26 (1-6pm). The event will take place at Detroit's Eastern Market, in and around Shed 5.

Note: Specialty beers marked with one asterisk (*) will require two tokens per 3 oz. sample. Beers marked with two asterisks (**) will require 3 tokens, and those marked with three asterisks (***) will require four tokens. Additional tokens can be purchased at the Merchandise Tent for 50 cents a piece. 

Aberrant Ales
C.R.E.A.M - Cream Ale
Downtown Unruly Brown
Koji Contamination - Sour Beer
Pie-Eyed - Pumpkin Beer
Unicron Vengeance - Sour Beer
West Coast IPA
Wheat Wine

Albion Malleable Brewing Co.
420 Superior Juice - Hazy IPA w/ lactose
American Molder - Robust Porter
Batch #72 - Black Saison
K-River Kolsch - brewed w/ 100% MI hops
Noisy King - Saison aged on French oak spires
Proper Villains - Dry-hopped Saison
Saboteur - Imperial Stout w/ molasses, crystalized ginger & cacao nibs
Squirrel Smuggler - Black IPA

American Harvest Brewpub at Schoolcraft College
Brutsicle - Brut IPA (Friday)
Better Together - Brown Porter (Saturday)
275 Kolsch Style
College Pale Ale - Pale Ale
Drinkin Dark Whiskey - Imperial Stout aged in rye whiskey barrel

Arbor Brewing Co.
Alces Dreams - Robust Porter
BPX 1899 - English Mild
Darkside - Black IPA
Hushed Tones - New England IPA
Perpetual Novice - Kellerbier
Triple Stone - Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery
Black Kriek BA Sour w/ MI Cherries (VIP Enthusiast)
Buzzsaw IPA
Euchre Pils
Farm + Ferment - Wet Hopped Juicy IPA
*Fruit Hat Sour Ale w/ Pineapple and Mango
Good & Proper Brut IPA
Oktoberfest Amber Lagerrr - Marzen
*Proper Funk wild ale w/ orange peel and peppercorns - Brut IPA refermented w/ brett
Tilted Earth Autumn IPA - Red IPA
Violin monster Spiced Double Stout

Arclight Brewing Co.
Blue Lunatic - Belgian style Witbier brewed w/ blueberries
**Soursmith Black Raspberry
**Soursmith Red Raspberry
*Soursmith Strawberry - Sour Beer

Ascension Brewing Co.
Beer list not submitted.

Atwater Brewery
Double Dirty Blonde - American Wheat (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
VJP Coconut - English Porter (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
Barrel Aged VJ Black (Friday)
First Brown (Friday)
Not Just the Spice - Pumpkin Ale (Friday)
Barrel Aged Voodoo Vator (Saturday)
Poor Boy Smoked Porter (Saturday)
Better Life Choices - American IPA
Dirty Blonde - American Wheat Beer
Nip and Tuck Ale - Belgian Dubbel
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Purple Gang Pilsner
Vanilla Java Porter Hazelnut

Austin Brothers Beer Co.
Austoberfest Marzen
*Barrel Aged Sumo Sumatra Imperial Stout - w/ coffee, cocoa nibs & vanilla beans
Double Red Raspberry Gose
Murk Honcho New England Style IPA
Raspberry Vanilla Porter
Slamnesia Triple IPA - DDH Hazy Triple IPA
Triple Berry Sourbet - brewed w/ raspberries, blackberries, blueberries & lactose
Woody Wheat - American Wheat Beer w/ orange peel & vanilla

Baffin Brewing Co.
Beer list not submitted

Batch Brewing Co.
*Añejo Imperial Marta Rita Especial (VIP Enthusiast)
*DICKSMASHER in the Rye - 1-yr. Rye Barrel Aged DICKSMASHER Imperial Stout (Friday)
*DICKELsmasher - 9-mo. Bourbon Barrel Aged DICKSMASHER w/ cocoa nibs & vanilla (Saturday)
Chartreuse Last Word (Detroit Beer Experiment)
ReBert - Pale Ale collab. w/ Steve "Bert" Berthel. (I'm not crying, you're crying.)
Biergartenbier - Munich Helles
Rauch Marzen
*Son of a Batch IPA - Double IPA

Beards Brewery
*Sloth - BBA American Barleywine (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
Tyde One On - Old Ale / Barleywine (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
Deez Nutz - Brown Ale
Diamond in the Rough - Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
Green Hundo - American IPA
Luna - Wheat Saison
Maluscious - Saison
Oh! The Citranity! - Session IPA
Owlmadillo - American IPA
The Dogman - Scotch Ale

Bell's Brewery
Blackbeard's Bear Hug - Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels w/ vanilla, cinnamon & coconut (VIP Enthusiast)
Barrel Aged 30th Anniversary Cherry Stout Reserve - Barrel-Aged Beer
Best Brown Ale - Brown Ale
Lager of the Lakes - Czech Pilsner
Le Batteur - Golden Farmhouse Ale w/ brettanomyces
O Captain! My Captain! - Black IPL
Official - Hazy IPA
Port Barrel Aged Third Coast Old Ale - Barrel-Aged Beer
Sweet Potato Stout - Stout brewed w/ sweet potato, autumnal spices, honey & molasses
Two Hearted Ale - American IPA

Big Buck Brewery
Bridge Walker - Oktoberfest
Kayak Attack - Honey Kolsh w/ guava & grapefruit
Moonless Night - Baltic Porter w/ marshmallows & vanilla beans
Straight Out the Kitchen - Brut IPA with MI potatoes, malts, and hops

Big Hart Brewing Co.
5 o'clock Whistle - American IPA
Bellows Shaker - Oktoberfest
Dune Rail - Blonde Ale
*Kick Start My Hart - Barrel-Aged Beer
Saucy Monk - Doppelbock
Screeching Sands - Amber Ale

Black Fire Winery & Brewery
BFW Stout
New England IPA
Amber Ale
Strawberry Ale

Blackrocks Brewery
The Moops - Belgian Dark Strong (Saturday) (VIP Enthusiast)
Psychotic Pheasant - Double Brut IPA (Friday) (VIP Enthusiast)
Buzzy Joose - Double IPA (Friday)
Grand Rabbits Dry Hopped Cream Ale (Friday)
North Third Stout - Foreign Extra Stout (Friday)
Phantse Imperial Blackberry Saison (Friday)
Presque Ale - Pale Ale (Friday)
51K IPA (Saturday)
Belter Brown (Saturday)
Coconut Brown (Saturday)
*Rye Barrel Aged Barbaric Yawp - Scotch Ale (Saturday)
Tequila Barrel Mo Cash Brut IPA (Saturday)

Blake's Brewing Co. 
Donut Stout
Rhymin' Rodgers BA Imperial Stout (Saturday)
Top Hop - New England IPA

Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery
1914 BPX - English Mild
B.T. Oktoberfest
Bearded Pig - Cream Ale
Dry Line Pils
Modern Age - Kellerbier

Boathouse Beer Co. & Boozery
Alabaster'd IPA
Joie du Lac - Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Tawas Beach Blonde

Brew Detroit
BBA Imperial Cold Brew Detroit - BBA Imperial Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Bali Hai (Detroit Beer Experiment) - Blonde Ale, collab. w/ Lost River
*BBA Baikal's Reverence - BBA Russian Imperial Stout
Cerveza Delray - Mexican-style Lager
Cloud 19 - New England IPA
Cranman - Cranberry Gose

Brewery Becker
Entire Butt - the precursor to Stout Porter
*Fruit Braggot
Kriek Dubbel - Belgian Dubbel aged on Michigan cherries
Tripel - Belgian Tripel in the Westmalle style
West Coaster IPA
X Ale - Historic 1857 Barclay Perkins X Ale Brewed w/ historian Ron Pattinson

Brewery Vivant
Big Red Coq - Red Ale
*Cherry Angelina - Sour Beer
Harvest Raspberry Peach - Fruit Beer
Hop Field - American IPA
*Love Shadow - Barrel-Aged Beer
Pumpkin Tart - Pumpkin Beer
Verdun - Biere de Garde

Brooks Brewing
Did You Just Tart? Raspberry
Double Moji - Double Chocolate Coffee Stout
Hasta La Vienna - Vienna Lager
Peanut Buddy Porter

Brown Iron Brewhouse
Cinnamon French Toast - Imperial Stout
Dark Nemesis: BBA S'mores - Imperial Stout (Saturday)
Eisenfest - Oktoberfest
Mood Changer - American IPA
Rage Against the Walnut - Imperial Stout
RBA Caramel Apple Stout - Imperial Stout
Strawberry Zeals Forever - New England IPA

C.J.'s Brewing Co.
Lower-Straits Stout - Chocolate Beer
Mosaic Pale Ale
Rich-Hagg Red
Strong Scotch Ale - Wee Heavy
Vatt 33 I.P.A.

Canton Brew Works
Alien AutHOPSy - Double IPA
Ghost of Tamarind Diaz - Pale Ale w/ tamarind & ghost peppers
Wakanda Wake Up - Golden Stout w/ coffee, cacao nibs, & smoked malt
Yard Boys - New England IPA w/ lactose
Jewelz: Pineapple Tangerine - Hard seltzer fermented w/ pineapple & tangerine (Friday)
Jewelz: The Basic - Pumpkin Spice Hard seltzer (Saturday)

Cedar Springs Brewing Co.
Kusterer Dunkelweizen
Kusterer Edelhell - New Release! (VIP Enthusiast) - Munich Helles
Kusterer Marzen
Kusterer Original Weissbier - Hefeweizen

Cheboygan Brewing Co.
Back 40 Saison
Blood Orange Honey - American Wheat Beer
Blueberry Cream Ale
Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout
YIPA - Double IPA w/ Asian yuzu

City Built Brewing Co.
*Cacophony Society - Rye and Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Happyfriendsgiving - Cranberry Sour w/ lactose
Harvest Lager - Wet-hopped Lager
Melisandre - Red IPA w/ all Mackinaw hops
Pearlescent - DDH New England IPA
Schwarzbier - Rye Black Lager

Cognition Brewing Co.
Phasmosis - Gose (collab. w/ Marquette Home Brewers) (Friday)
Prosthetic Bolts - Sour Beer (collab. w/ Marquette Home Brewers) (Saturday)
Cogtoberfest - Marzen
Dunwich - New England IPA
Kindred Spirits - Robust Porter (collab. w/ Arctic Sleep)

Cranker's Brewery 
Aphrodisiac Chocolate Pomegranate Imperial Stout  - Imperial Stout
Blood of Crank  - American IPA
Keto IPA (only 3.3g carbs)

Dark Horse Brewing Co.
Boffo Brown Ale
Crooked Tree IPA
High Five Harvest Ale
Plead The 5th - Imperial Stout
*Mexican Hot Chocolate Plead the 5th - Imperial Stout
Raspberry Ale
Reserve Special Black Ale
Scotty Karate Scotch Ale

Dearborn Brewing
Krampus Claws - Other Ale
Model IP'A'
Pyramid Scheme - Other Ale
Rindhouse - Sweet Stout
Rouge River Red
Sinbad Sin So Good - Other Ale

Detroit Beer Co.
Black Currant Sour
Detroit Beer Experiment - Experimental Beer
Harvest Ale - Michigan wet-hopped
Oktoberfest - Marzen

Downey Brewing Co.
BIG SHOT - Double New England IPA
Bohemian Pilsner
Curse of the Black Porter
Detroit Lager - Wet-hopped Vienna Lager

Drafting Table Brewing Co.
BBA Maple Pecan Vesel in Distress - Wee Heavy Scottish Ale (VIP Enthusiast)
Boys'en Girls - Boysenberry Berliner Weisse Lager
Mom Said No - Peanut Butter & Chocolate Imperial Stout
Professional Pils
*Rye Whiskey BA Mean Vanilla Bean - Imperial Stout
Strawberry Brewlius - Milkshake IPA

Dragonmead Microbrewery
Hibiscus Sour Ale - Kettle Sour with hibiscus (VIP Enthusiast)
Corktown Red
Dark Knight - Black IPA
Final Absolution - Belgian Tripel
Meat & Potato - Berliner Weisse
Ring of Fire - w/ habanero, serrano & jalapeno peppers
Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat
Under the Kilt - Scotch Ale

Draught Horse Brewery
Campfire Maple Brown
Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
Dulman Kolsch
Hay 2 Hands - Double IPA

Eastern Market Brewing Co.
Elephant Juice - New England IPA (VIP Enthusiast)
Blackberry Shock Tart
Raspberry Shock Tart
Dees Bees Knees Lemon Honey Ale
Nitro Strawberry Milkshake - New England IPA
Home Court  - Double New England IPA

Edelbrau Brewing Co.
Edelbrau Autumn Amber
*Edelbrau Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Edelbrau Belgian Double IPA
*Edelbrau Imperial Stout - Smoked Beer
Edelbrau IPA
Edelbrau Kviek IPA - Belgian IPA
Edelbrau Saison
Edelbrau Trippel

ELK Brewing
CopyCat - Fruit Beer
Dank after Dark - Black IPA
Dank-alicious - American IPA
Elktoberfest - Marzen
ESB - Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
Koldbreak  - Kolsch
PB & Jailey - Blonde Ale
Peanut Butter Porter

Ellison Brewery and Spirits
*Gravitational Attraction - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday)
*Gravity Flux - Barrel-Aged Beer (Saturday)
97.1 The Ticket American Lager
97.1 The Ticket Hazy Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Crescent Fresh - American IPA
**Gustaf - Lambic
Tiramisu Coffee Stout - Imperial Stout

Eternity Brewing
*BBA From Gale to Glass - BBA American Barleywine
*C.R.E.A.M. - Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Belgian Tripel
Project Puma - Plum Lactose IPA
Ranger Juan's Caliente Porter - Chipotle Porter
Strawberry Fields with Rhubarb - Sour Beer
Teen Age Ryeot - Rye IPA

Exferimentation Brewing Co.
Kakahiak Onu - Kona Coffee Stout
Pink Tickler - Hibiscus Wheat Beer
Rose's Junkyard IPA - West Coast IPA w/ a dumpster of hops
Tres Winey - Belgian Tripel brewed w /pinot noir must

Farmington Brewing Co.
Blood Light - Fruit Beer
Blood Orange Wheat
***Cameron Takes A Wee Nip - Wee Heavy
Double Blood - Fruit Beer
Honey Pedal - Experimental Beer

Fenton Brewery
*2018 St. Gin's Imperial Whiskey Stout
Autumn Brown Ale
Eminent IIPA
*Rye Ale
Swingin' Berries Double Cream Stout Blackberry Merlot

Fillmore 13 Brewery
Abricot Belgian Ale - Belgian Dubbel w/ apricot
*Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout
Creme Brulee Coffee Stout - Sweet Stout
*F*#% a Tripel - Belgian Quad
Harvest Ale - MI Wet Hop Ale
*Octo the Omega Warrior - Double IPA
Old Town Alt - Altbier
Shantoberfest - Marzen
War Cry - Classic c-hop IPA

Founders Brewing Co.
*2019 CBS (on Nitro) - Debut release in MI! (VIP Enthusiast)
*2019 KBS - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday)
*Backwoods Bastard (2017) - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday)
*Curmudgeon's Better Half (2018) - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday)
Porter (Friday)
Centennial IPA (Saturday)
*Dankwood (2018) - Barrel-Aged Beer (Saturday)
*Harvest Ale (2019) - American IPA
*Mas Agave - Barrel-Aged Beer
Nitro Breakfast Stout
Nitro Rubaeus - Fruit Beer
*Nitro Underground Mountain Brown Ale - Barrel-Aged

Frankenmuth Brewery
Christmas Town Ale - Spice Beer
Oktoberfest Lager - Marzen
Pumpkin Chucker Ale
Scotch Connery Ale
The Hef - Hefeweizen
*Tripel Vision Barrel Aged - Belgian Tripel aged 9 mo. In oak barrels

Grand Armory Brewing
*BBA Double Down Imperial Brown (VIP Enthusiast)
*BBA Night Ryder - Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Nutter Your Business - Sweet Stout
Tied Down To Michigan - American IPA
Wee Kilt Kyle - Scotch Ale
Wheezin The Juice - American IPA
White Chocolate Blonde

Grand Rapids Brewing Co.
Beer City Pro-Am Collab. - Brett Fermented Raw Hazy IPA
Jean Ballon: Blackberry - Barrel Aged Oud Bruin w/blackberries
Nordic Flux - Kveik Hazy IPA
Oakey Dokey Smokey - Oak-Smoked Wheat Ale aged on oak w/ cherries
Sportsball Contest Watching Drink - Light Lager
Universal Rainbow Unicorn Princess of the Universe n' Stuff - Kettle soured ale w/ raspberry, blueberry & lemon zest
Helter Seltzer - Pumpkin Spiced Hard Seltzer w/ glitter

Grand River Brewery
313 - Polish Lager
Deer Camp - Cedar-Aged IPA
Monkey Mouth - Midwest IPA
Oktoberfest - Festbier
P.B. Popper - Peanut Butter Jalapeno Brown Ale
Pumpkin Grind - Pumpkin Porter
Rock Shucker - Oyster Stout
The Strawman Argument - Strawberry Red IPA

Granite City Brewery
Blue Eye Brunette - Barrel-Aged Beer
Oktoberfest - Marzen
The Bennie - Bock
Zug Zwang - Brown Porter

Great Baraboo Brewing Co.
Creamy Nut Brown
Double Juicy IPA
Hoppy Heartland Harvest - Pale Ale
My Little Boo-tter Cup - Robust Porter
Snake Eye Canyon - Red Ael
Punkin Weizguy

Griffin Claw Brewing Co.
*Flying Buffalo Mole - Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout w/ coffee, chocolate & spices (Friday)
*Great White Buffalo - Barrel Aged Stout w/ vanilla & coffee (Saturday)
Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin
*Flying Buffalo Hazelnut - Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout w/ coffee & hazelnuts
Haze Force - Intergalactic Planetary Hazy IPA
Mr. Blue Sky Raspberry - Wheat Ale With Raspberry
Mr. Blue Sky Strawberry - Wheat Ale With Strawberry
New Zealand Pilsner
Norm's POG IPA - American IPA with Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava
Norm's Raggedy Ass American IPA
Screamin Pumpkin Spiced Ale
You Figure It Out - Milk Stout with Coconut and Vanilla
Griffin Claw Hard Seltzer - Peach
Griffin Claw Hard Seltzer - Strawberry

Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.
BPX 1880 (collab. w/ ABC Pub, Blue Tractor & Brewery Becker) - Ron Pattinson Historical Barclay Perkins beer
GP Festbier - all-Michigan ingredients
October Ale - English Throwback 'Estate" Beer
Old Burton Ale - Old-Style "Stock Ale"
Old German Hellesbier - Munich Helles

Haymarket Beer Co.
*Clare's Thirsty Ale - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ raspberries
Demonstrator - Doppelbock
Fest Bier - Marzen
Hazy is Lazy - American IPA
Mathias - Triple IPA
Speakerswagon Pils

HomeGrown Brewing Co.
Budgie Smuggla' Australian Sparkling Ale
Imperial Brown
Johnny Cashmere Harvest Ale
Polly Ann Witbier
Steamboat Stout
Zephyros Hazy IPA

HOMES Brewery
Metaform Guava - Sour IPA blended with guava, aged on vanilla
Dub Razz - Kettle Sour w/ kosher salt & raspberry
Ghost Sherbet - Fruit Beer
**Plotline Balaton - Sour fermented w/ MI cherries, aged in whiskey barrels
Verry Berry Sherbet - Kettle Sour brewed with milk sugar, blended with raspberry, blueberry, boysenberry & blackberry

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Friends with Benefits - Sour Fruit Saison (VIP Enthusiast)
*Citrus Commander (collab. w/ Jester King) - 1-yr. Oak-Aged Sour Beer w/ Texas-foraged citrus & MI chestnuts. 
*Don't Call It A Comeback (collab. w/ New Belgium & Rare Barrel) - Dry-Hopped Imperial Bam Biere brewed w/ coconut water & toasted coconut
*I Thought I Was Special - Sour Hazy IPA
*La Roja with Raspberry - Franco-Belgian style Ale, oak-aged, bottle-fermented Sour Beer
*Yikes! - Oak-Aged Sour Saison

Kickstand Brewing Co.
*Bourbon Bark Porter (Friday)
Center Stage - Amber Ale (Friday)
Deralia - American IPA (Friday)
*Hotblack - Imperial Stout (Friday)
Birch Bark Porter (Saturday)
*Deux Cent Quad - Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Saturday)
Hogtoberfest (Saturday)
Kick Ultra (Saturday)

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.
Dark Heathen - Triple Bock (VIP Enthusiast)
Apricot Marmalade IPA - NEIPA, new release 2019
Brombeere - Lacto-soured Michgian Malt Beer w/ blackberry
Cherry Rhubarb Lime-Aid - Sour Beer w/ Montmorency cherries, rhubarb & lime juice
DRIPA - Double IPA
Imperial Creme Brulee Java Stout
Oktoberfest - Marzen
White Devil - Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Lansing Brewing Co.
Beaumont Brown (Friday)
Amber Cream Ale
Angry Mayor IPA
Peninsula Pils
SoLo IPA - Low-cal. IPA
The River Rhines Through It Kolsch
Velvet Villain - Robust Porter

Liberty Street Brewing Co.
Punkin' Pie Ale
Red Glare Amber Ale
Soul Geometry - New England IPA
Starkweather Stout - Foreign Extra Stout
Awaiting Reprisal - Blood Orange Hard Seltzer

Lily's Brewery
A. Strange Stout
Fairbank's Point Framboise - Fruit Beer
Blackrock Point Blackberry Ale - Blend of the two above. Tasty!
Drummond Island Dortmunder
Propeller Island Pilsner
Reggie's French River Red
Sturgeon Bay Steam Beer - California Common
Sven and Ollie's IPA
Whitefish Bay Wheat - Hefeweizen

Liquid Note Brewing
Psychedelic Haze - New England IPA
Vulgar Display of Porter
Satchmo's Lullaby - Sweet Milk Stout w/ coffee
Rude Mood - Irish Style Red

Loggers Brewing Co.
Blueberry Sourtooth Kettle Sour
*Bourbon Brandy Barrel Aged Northern NIghtfall Imperial Stout
DDH Section 37 Red IPA
Pin Whacker Pilsner

MiddleCoast Brewing Co.
GW's Little White Lie - Belgian Ale w/ MI tart cherries
O' Porter House - Traditional Coffee Porter
Pen Hopper IPA

Midland Brewing Co.
One Night in Bangkok Tangerine/Basil Smoothie IPA - Congrats, 2019 GABF Silver Medal winner!
Arbuckle Cold Brew Coffee Stout
BA Gandydancer Barlewine
Fabian Fournier Peanut Butter Porter
Jenny's Raspberry Sour
Midland Brut IPA

Motor City Brewing Works
Dank & Hazy - New England IPA
Ghettoblaster Ale - English Mild
Motor City Tripel
Oktoberfest Lager
Strawberry Rhurbarb

Mountain Town Brewing
Big Maple - Barrel Aged Maple Brown Ale (VIP Enthusiast)
Bamberg Lager - Rauchbier
Hobo's Brown Ale
Hoptimal - American IPA
Iron Horse IPA
Machine Shop Stout (collab.) - Imperial Stout w/ smoked salt
Pollinator's Choice - Gruit brewed w/ marigold, magnolia & rose
Railyard Raspberry Wheat
Trainwreck Ale - Amber Ale brewed w/ local maple syrup & honey (Saturday)

New Holland Brewing Co.
2017 Night Tripper - Imperial Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Dragon's Milk - Barrel-Aged Beer
*Dragon's Milk Reserve: Oatmeal Cookie
*Dragon's Milk Reserve: Orange Chocolate
Dragon's Milk White
2017 Black Tulip - Belgian Tripel
Cabin Fever - Brown Ale
Ichabod - Pumpkin Beer
Tangerine Space Machine - New England IPA
The Poet - Oatmeal Stout

North Center Brewing
*Barrel Killer - Pain Killer Belgian Tripel aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels (2pm Saturday)
Pain Killer - Belgian Tripel
Headless Horseman - Pumpkin Beer aged on vanilla beans
Blackberry Lavender - Sour Beer
Changing Colors - American Wheat Beer
Demon's Blood - Red Ale
Oktoberfest - Marzen
Shipwrecked - American IPA
We've Gone Nuts - Brown Ale w/ coconut

North Peak Brewing Co.
Dauntless - Oktoberfest
Diabolical - American IPA
Hoodoo - Wet-Hopped American IPA
Sparta - American IPA
Hail - Pale Ale

North Pier Brewing Co.
Happy Guy - American Pilsner
Old Shuck - Brown Porter
Tacklebox - American IPA
Zodiac Keller - Kellerbier

Northern Oak Brewery
NOB Double IPA
NorOakFest - Oktoberfest
Red Eyed Cow - Sweet Stout
Slaughtered Steer Porter - Chocolate Beer

Odd Side Ales
*Deleterious Vanilla - Barrel Aged Stout (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
*Deleterious Coffee - Barrel Aged Stout (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
*Ancho Chile Lava Cake - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday)
Black Citra  - Black IPA (Friday)
Double We Be Jammin' - Fruit Beer (Friday)
Tangerine Dank Juice - New England IPA (Friday)
Elevate Hard Seltzer - Other Ale (Friday)
*Bourbon Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Cup Stout (Saturday)
Double Bean Flicker - Blonde Ale (Saturday)
*Double Boysenberry Blackberry Black Currant Fruitsicle (Saturday)

Old Nation Brewing Co.
Daymaus with strawberries (VIP Enthusiast)
*Pineapple Jalapeno M-43 - NEIPA (6pm Fri. / 2pm Sat.)
New Pale Ale #1: SIngle Hop Project - New England IPA (Friday)
*Electron Brown - Brown Ale (Saturday)
Vienna Lager
*M-43 - New England IPA
*B-43 - Brut IPA
*Boss Tweed - Double New England IPA

Oracle Brewing Co. 
C-Beans  - Chocolate Coffee Stout (Friday)
Awakening Hour - Imperial Porter brewed w/ cinnamon, coconut & coffee (Saturday)
*Alba Ligni  - BBA Wheatwine
Berliner Mit Schuss - Berliner Weisse
Causal Loop  - American IPA
**Passion Over Boredom - Oak-Aged Gose w/ passionfruit, bottle-conditioned 6 mo.

Ore Dock Brewing Co.
Close Quarters - Bourbon / Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Porter (VIP Enthusiast)
Mama Roux - Wine Barrel Aged Sour Belgian Blond w/ Satsuma oranges (VIP Enthusiast)
Berserker - New England IPA
Bramble on Rose - Belgian Golden Strong Ale
*Comtesse Du Berry - Barrel-Aged Beer
Dreamweaver - Amber Ale
Mosey to Gosey - Gose
Philip J. Rye - Pale Ale
Six Pointer - Munich Dunkel
Breakwater Black Cherry - Hard Seltzer
Breakwater Lemon Lime - Hard Seltzer

Original Gravity Brewing Co.
440 Pepper Smoker
County Street Amber
Primordial Porter
Shinebox Dunkelweizen
Southpaw IPA
Two-Wheeler Witbier
Uncle Festbier
Wrist Rocket Saison

Parker's Hilltop Brewery & Spirits
Beer list not submitted.

Pavlov's Brewing Co.
Cuckoo's in the Nut House - Sweet Stout (Friday)
Peanut Butter Treat - Robust Porter (Saturday)
Autumn Harvest - Pumpkin Beer
Pavlov's Oktoberfest
Submission - Hefeweizen

Perrin Brewing Co.
98 Problems - American IPA
Area 51 - New England IPA
Black Ale
Blackberry IPA
Coffee Latte - Coffee Brown
Gold - Golden Ale
Lemon Meringue - Sour Beer
Passion Fruit Gose
Skin the Wagon - Smoked Imperial Red
Smores Stout
Soops Joos - New England IPA
Clear Coast - Hard Seltzer

Petoskey Brewing
Blueberry Crush - Cream Ale
Cherry Wheat - Sour Beer
Dornish Summer - Hefeweizen
Everett's IPA
Horny Monk - Belgian Dubbel
Juicy - New England IPA
Mind's Eye PA - American IPA
Sparkle - Light Lager
Super Trooper - Coffee & Donut Brown Ale

Pigeon Hill Brewing Co.
Cinna-Mom on French Toast - Imperial Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Blood Orange Renny - Double IPA (Friday)
Pineapple No Diggnity - New England IPA (Saturday)
Snozzberry Snocker Juice - Double IPA (Saturday)
*Cinna-Gram on French Toast - Imperial Stout
O.P.P. - Oatmeal Pumpkin Pie
S.C.P. - Salted Caramel Porter

Railtown Brewing Co.
Oktoberfest - Marzen
Peanut Butter Cocoa Time - Imperial Porter
Citra Warrior - Imperial IPA w/ honey
Hold the Crumpets - English Mild w/ earl grey tea
Good Mooed - Milk Stout
Jala Back - Blonde Ale w/ jalapenos
YEW! - Cherry Vanilla Sour

Reed City Brewing Co.
Blueberry Wheat
Zeus - IPA
Double Zeus - Double IPA
PB Porter
Wee Heavy
Blood Orange Sour

Right Brain Brewery
Who Gose There Black Cherry - Gose-style Dark Kettle Sour (VIP Enthusiast)
CEO Stout - Espresso Stout
Chubby Squirrel - Amber Ale
Concrete Dinosaur - Brown Rye IPA
RaspBarb Parti - Sour Beer
Social Probation - Rye IPA
Sour Blue Magic - Kettle Sour w/ organic lavender
Spinal Tapper - Double IPA
Thai Peanut - Brown ale w/ Thai chili, peanut butter, coconut, cilantro & lime

River Rouge Brewing Co.
Joy Konvention - Chocolate-Almond-Coconut Kolsch (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
*RR Dark Sour - Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
Claro Beero
Coconut Kolsch
Peanut Butter Chocolate Stencel Stout
Strawberry I-75 - American IPA
You're My Sour Lemon-Blue

River's Edge Brewing Co.
Dirty Frank Stout - Foreign Extra Stout
Fortune & Glory - Belgian Tripel
Indubious - Belgian Dubbel
Kolsch - Kolsch
Milford Pub Ale - Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
Raven Skies - Russian Imperial Stout
Spiders From Marzen - Oktoberfest
*The Old Fashioned - Barrel Aged Saison w/ maraschino cherries, orange peel & bitters
*The Wizard of Oswald - BBA Strong Ale w/ smoked pumpkin & cacao nibs

Roak Brewing Co.
Barrel Aged Chestnut Head - BA Maple Porter (VIP Enthusiast)
French Toast Devil Dog - Oatmeal Stout
Golden Stout
Hopgazer - New England IPA
Kashmir (BA) - Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Little Saint Nick - Gose
Pink Guava Milkshake IPA
Roaktoberfest - Marzen
Watusi Moonshot - Sour Beer

Rochester Mills Beer Co.
Paint Creek Snicker - Robust Porter (Friday)
Right Twix Red - Red Ale (Friday)
Peanut Butter Cuptoberfest (Saturday)
Sometimes you feel like a...stout - Sweet Stout (Saturday)

Rochester Mills Production Brewery
Soul Snatcher BA Imperial Red (VIP Enthusiast)
Left Twix Stout - Milkshake Stout infused with chocolate wafer candy from the left side of the package (Friday)
Lemonhead Kvass - Kvass infused with lemon candy (Friday)
Red Hot Blonde - Ale infused with hot peppers and cinnamon candy (Saturday)
Sour Warhead Juice - Sour IPA infused with sour candy (Saturday)

Rockford Brewing Co.
Milli Vanilli - Vanilla Porter w/ lactose
Chinook Harvest
Mocha Brown
Malph's Premium - Cream Ale

Royal Oak Brewery
24th Anniversary German Pils
*BBA Stone Clover Brett Milk Stout
Devils Blood Black Lager - Schwarzbier
Northern Kolsch
Oktoberfest - Marzen

Rustic Leaf Brewing Co.
Port 59 - Robust Porter (Saturday)
Barley Able to Stand - American Barleywine
Caramel Apple of My Pie - Spice Beer
Chunky Punky - Pumpkin Beer
F'n Bob's Beer - Schwarzbier

Salt Springs Brewery
Cashmere Zeppelin - American IPA
Crispy's Tippel - Belgian Tripel
Headless Hopsman Pumpkin Ale
Imperial Chocolate Stout

Saugatuck Brewing Co.
*BBA Imperial Cafe Brown - w/ roasted coffee & vanilla beans (VIP Enthusiast)
*BBA Imperial Pumpkin Chai 2018
Neapolitan Milk Stout
Paled It! - Pale Ale
Peanut Butter Porter
*Pineapple Sour
RADventure IPA

Schmohz Brewing Co.
Coconut Crusher Toasted Coconut Stout
Hopknocker Imperial IPA
Jack of Spades India Black Ale
John T. Pilsner
Oktoberfest Harvest Bier
Pickle Tink Strawberry Wheat

Sherwood Brewing Co.
Blackjack Hazelnut Coffee Stout
Bloody Blonde - Blood Orange Blonde Ale
Fest Bier - Oktoberfest
Houlihan's Irish Stout - Foreign Extra Stout
Michigander Harvest IPA
Pumpkin Bread Hefeweizen
Red Velvet Ale
SourWood Cranberry Citrus Sour - Barrel Aged Sour
SourWood Getting Figgy - Barrel-Aged Sour

Short's Brewing Co.
Big Bird Blood - Milkshake IPA w/ lactose, vanilla, banana & coconut (VIP Enthusiast)
*Baril de Fleurs - Sour Beer
Black Cherry Porter
*Bourbon Ben's Asthma - Imperial Stout
Devil's Lettuce - Pale Lager
Hopricot Sour
Loud - American IPA
Mule Beer
Nitro Autumn Ale with cider and cinnamon - Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
*Nothing At All - Flanders Red Ale
Pistachio Cream Ale
Pure Michigan Autumn IPA
Sticky Icky Icky - American IPA
Teatime - Sour Beer
*The Barrelman - Oak Barrel Aged English IPA
Beaches Tropical Seltzer - Other Ale

Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen
Bad Romance - American IPA
Cloud City Casanova - Belgian Tripel
Cotton Candy Brandy
Irish I Was Irish - Irish Red Ale
Sneaky Squirrel - Strong Ale
Stump Town Brown

Stony Lake Brewing Co.
Break Your Fast Stout
Centennial IPA
Dirty Deacon - Scottish Heavy
Easy Ryeder - Rye IPA
Fat Cat Porter
Feeling Silly - New England IPA
Hop Flash - American IPA
Pastor's Porter

Stormcloud Brewing Co.
Cool Cat Kitty Face Haizon - DDH Hazy Saison w/ Citra & Mosaic (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
Commander X-2 Haizon - DDH Hazy Saison w/ Comet & Galaxy (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
2019 Harvest Tripel
B., Sirius - Belgian Dubbel
Birdwalker Blonde
Kerplunker Haizon
Rainmaker - Belgian Pale Ale
Trigger HIppie Haizon

SuperNatural Spirits and Brewing
Black Tongue Chocolate Habanero Stout
Blue Dream Blueberry Milkshake IPA
Fluffy Realm S'mores Stout
Force Field Nut Cup - Chocolate Peanut Butter Dark Ale
Paranormal Patriot German Pils
Snozzberry Parfait - Kettle Sour fermented on four berries w/ lactose & vanilla
Vanilla Rumcake - Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout / Barleywine blend

Tapistry Brewing Co.
Rum BA Prehistoric Rhetoric - Old Ale aged in rum barrels (VIP Enthusiast) (Friday)
Epitath - Imperial Porter (VIP Enthusiast) (Saturday)
Enigma - Double IPA
Hellraisin (collab. w/ Witch's Hat) - Oatmeal Raisin Ale
*Milkabama Shakes - Strawberry Milkshake IPA
Mista Ginja - Belgian Wit aged in gin barrels w/ ginger & lemon
Northern Trippin - New England IPA
Peck's Porter

Tecumseh Brewing Co.
A Finer Temptress - Coffee Blonde
Rocket IPA
Cobbler Á La Mode (Blueberry)
Traverse City Cherry Java Stout

Tenacity Brewing
SMaSH: Calypso Pale & Cascade
SMaSH: Calypso Pale & Cashmere
SMaSH: Calypso Pale & Centennial
SMaSH: Calypso Pale & Chinook
SMaSH: Calypso Pale & Neo
SMaSH: Odyssey Munich & Neo

The Livery
*Maillot Rouge - Sour/Oak aged Biere de Garde w/ raspberries (VIP Enthusiast)
14th Anniversary Ale - Imperial Stout
Batch 900 - Rye Barleywine w/ honey
Blueberry Pie Firkin - Blue Steel Blueberry Lager cask-conditioned w/ blueberries, graham crackers, vanilla, cinnamon & lactose
*Bourbon Barrel Aged Love Pump - Imperial Stout
Heady Harvest Ale - American IPA
McGilligans - American IPA

The Mitten Brewing Co.
Bean Ball Blonde - Blonde Ale w/ coffee
Country Strong  - American IPA
Docks No No - Double IPA
Label Up - Maple Pecan Brown Ale
Mitten Oktoberfest - Festbier
Triple Crown Brown - English Mild
*The Saint - Belgian Tripel

Third Monk Brewing Co.
*The Saint - Belgian Tripel
U47 - Altbier
Dirk's White Sox - Vienna Lager
Jimmy the Weed - Wet Hop Pale Ale

Thornapple Brewing Co.
Oopsie Doodle! - Foreign Extra Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Broken English - Blueberry Ginger Cider Kombucha
Brown Eyed Girl - English Brown
*Emily Victorious - Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Marvin the Marzen
PAC Sessions IPA
Punkin Dee-light - Pumpkin Spiced Stout
Tequila Mockingbird - Tequila Barrel Aged Cucumber Sumac Gose

Three Blondes Brewing
Boom Boom Betty - Blonde Ale
Cold Heat - Rye Porter w/ coffee & vanilla
*Doopleganger - BBA Doppelbock
Drachenfutter - German Pilsener
Trees and Seas - American IPA

Tilted Axis Brewing Co.
Lapeer Light - Golden Ale
*Spheric Wave - Double IPA
*Whiskey Barrel Red

Townies Brewery
Copper Harbor - Oktoberfest
American IPA
Barrel-Aged Beer
Sour Beer
Sweet Stout
Three Dog Night - Double IPA

Traffic Jam & Snug
Altes Sportsman 2.0 - Altbier
Detroit Beer Experiment - My First Old Fashioned
Juicy Aura- Michigan Brewpub Club Collab - New England IPA

Trail Point Brewing Co.
*Naughty Nana's - Bourbon Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Porter (VIP Enthusiast)
Bummer Wally - Sweet Stout
HAZYpotamus - New England IPA
*Hopper's Buzzaar - BBA Double IPA w/ honey
Oh MI Amber - Great Lakes Style Amber Ale
Perk Ya Later - Cream Ale w/ coffee
*Rye Hank Rye - Rye BBA Strong Ale
Trail Point Octoberfest
Yooper Trooper - American IPA

Transient Artisan Ales
*The Juice is Loose - DIPA
Noice! - IPA
All Jammed Up - Sour Wheat Ale
**Kamigoye Vanilla - Imperial Stout
*Junie - Imperial Stout
**Hello Barkness - Imperial Stout
Rye Lager

Tri-City Brewing
Barrel Aged Vanilla Slayer - BA Imperial Milk Stout (VIP Enthusiast)
Black Rye Summit - Rye IPA
Broken Bridges - Amber Lager
Cherry Torchon - Belgian Pale Ale aged on cherries
Cinnamon Toasted Almond
Coconut Stout
Cranberry Wit
Mr Sinister - Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Saginaw Joe Porter
Scarecrow - Pumpkin Pie Spiced Brown Ale
Shovel Strong - Strong Ale

Unruly Brewing
Beer list not submitted.

Urbanrest Brewing Co.
*Samba Mandarina - Honey Saison
*Fog Lite - IPA
**BBA Prince Junior Porter
**Imperial Stout
*Oils Over Alphas - DDH DIPA

Watermark Brewing Co.
*Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Breakfast Stout (Saturday)
Mark V - Munich Helles
*Nature's Blessing - 2-yr. Chardonnay Barrel Aged Sour w/ MI red currants
*Nocturnus (Variants) - Sweet Stout

Waypost Brewing Co.
House Lager - German Zwickelbier (Friday)
Rustic Peach Ale (Friday)
Sea Salt Stout (SSS) (Friday)
Citra + Ekuanot IPA - NEIPA (Saturday)
Foeder Lager - Oak-Aged Golden Lager (Saturday)
Saison (Saturday)
Sour IPA (Saturday)

White Flame Brewing Co.
*Black Flame - Imperial Stout
Ghouligan - Spice Beer
M-69 - Pale Ale
MO'PEEZ - American IPA
Totally Rad - American IPA
Tripel Trouble - Belgian Tripel

Witch's Hat Brewing Co.
This is Bat Country - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout brewed with oats and midnight wheat (VIP Enthusiast)
1-800-WET-HOPS - New England IPA
Martin's '68 Special Pils - Light Lager
Oktoberfest - Marzen (Saturday)
Pumpkin Porter
Train Hopper - American IPA (Saturday)
*Banana Nut Fury - BA Imperial Stout w/ hazelnut
*Traxxx Night Fury - BBA Imperial Stout w/ peanut butter, vanilla beans & cocoa nibs

Wolverine State Brewing Co.
*Vanilla Bean Massacre - Barrel-Aged Beer (VIP Enthusiast)
*Mexican Hot Chocolate Massacre - Barrel-Aged Beer (VIP Enthusiast)
Boys'en Girls (collab w/ Drafting Table) - Dark Berliner Weisse w/ boysenberry
Irish Hills Red Lager
NZ Pils
Raucher - Smoked Beer
Sunday Driver - West Coast IPL
Wiki Wiki - Strawberry/Pineapple Kettle Sour
Wolverine Premium Lager

Woodward Avenue Brewers
Beer list not submitted.

Ypsi Alehouse
Baby Boo - Pumpkin Beer (Friday)
Tridge - New England IPA (Friday)
Groundcover - Rye Dunkelweizen (Saturday)
Isle Royale - Amber Ale (Saturday)
Blue Racer - MI Blueberry Honey Wheat
Hotel Porter
Mooneye - American IPA

2024 Michigan's Great Beer State Conference & Trade Show

Winter Beer Festival

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