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Feb. 12

Beer List for the 2013 Winter Beer Festival

Here is a list of participating breweries and their beer lists for the upcoming Winter Beer Festival. The list is just about complete...only waiting on one more brewery. There will be a record crowd, record number of breweries, and a record number of beers (625) at this year's event! Please note that some beers have an (*) next to them... these beers will require two (2) tokens per 3oz sample. And there is even a beer with (**) next to them... this beer will require three (3) tokens and will ONLY be available in a 3oz pour (no full glasses). Check back for daily updates! 51 North Brewing Co. Lake Orion Light Tangerine Wit Spencer Island Rye Dogway IPA Windwalker Brown 57 Brewpub Mayan Midnight Chocolate Stout Dirty Blonde Red Shedman Rye IPA Stinger Honey Ale Arbor Brewing Co. Roxy Rye Lager The Listenership Smoked Pale Ale Huxell Best Bitter HXL IPA Sledgehammer Chocolate Porter Arcadia Brewing Co. IPA Hopmouth Double IPA Hop Rocket Imperial IPA B-Craft Black Double Black IPA Cocoa Loco Chocolate Stout Loch Down Scotch Ale Nut Brown Ale Cereal Killer Barleywine Imperial Stout Bridgets Irish Red Angelers Pale Ale Toaster Fight Blonde Ale Sky High Rye Atwater Brewery Dirty Blonde Vanilla Java Porter Grand Circus IPA VooDoo Vator Doppelbock Winter Bock * VJ Black Imperial Stout * Shaman's Porter Double Down Imperial Amber Ale Mai Bock Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale Teufel Bock Beards Brewery * Rabid Goat Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale Pomegalactic Pale Ale Malabar IPA Somethin' Somethin' IPA New School Rye Amber Victorious Pale Ale Serendipity Porter Bell's Brewery Hopslam Two-Hearted Ale Raspberry Ale Deb's Red McGill's Stout Batch 9000 Le Batteur Le Pianiste Le Contrebast Q-Falls Lager This One Goes To Eleven Hell Hath No Fury * Bourbon Barrel Black Note * Bourbon Barrel Batch 9000 * Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout Third Coast Old Ale 2011 * Wild One Raspberry Red Nose ESB Kal-Haven Sweet Potato Stout Big Buck Brewery Cocoa Nib & Oak Aged Stout Smoked Porter Vanilla Hazelnut Brown Citron Wheat Imperial Stout Pumpkin Ale Cranberry Pomegranate Wheat Irish Stout Raspberry Wheat Camp Fire Joe Cranberry Red Hot Blond Blackrocks Brewery Double Ginger IPA Saison Bruin Rad's Red Krampus Wilson Creek Porter Coconut Brown Dry Hop Cream Ale Stella's English Barleywine (tapping at 3pm) Blue Tractor Brewery For a Few Shillings More Strong Scotch Ale Demonic India Black Ale Lazy Sunday Hefeweizen Punky's Monkee Belgian Rye Pale Ale Belgian Red Ale B.O.B.'s Brewery Robert The Barrel Bourbon Imperial Stout Barrel Aged Barleywine Peanut Butter Porter Tiramisu Stout Brewery Vivant Tart Side of the Moon Dark Farmhouse Ale Ancho Rauchbier smoked beer with chiles North French Ale Biere de Garde Menage a Trois India Brown Ale Love Shadow Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout * Helen Wine Barrel Aged Sour Ale * Angelina Barrel Aged Sour Ale Cheboygan Brewing Co. La Cerveza Mexican-Bohemian Winter Marzen Lighthouse Amber Copper Canyon Brewery Northwestern Gold Munich Helles Devil's Peak IPA MBG 15th Anniversary Double IPA (12-3) Rocktoberfest (12-3) Summerzest (12-3) Figgy Pud'n (12-3) Buffalo Jump Stout (12-3) Melange des Fleurs (3-6) Apple Streudel Tripel (3-6) Dark Helmet Schwarzbier (3-6) Todd's Wicked Ale (3-6) Inauguration 2013 Belgian Dubbel (3-6) Corner Brewery Ypsitucky Jack Old Ale Bourbon Barrel Hoptown Brown Buzzsaw IPA Mr. Delicious Double IPA Ryeclops Imperial Rye Phat Abbott Tripel Cranker's Brewery Professor IPA Bulldog Red Irish Ale 5th Voyage Coconut Porter Old Siberian Strong Ale Strongarm Stout Crankenstein Amber Lager Professor Double Dry-hopped IPA Dark Horse Brewing Co.
    Tables #1 & #2
Crooked Tree IPA Raspberry Ale Amber Ale Boffo Brown Ale Reserve Special Black Ale Scotty Karate Scotch Ale Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock ONE Oatmeal Stout TOO Cream Stout TRES Blueberry Stout FORE Smoked Stout Plead the 5th Imperial Stout * Double Crooked Tree Thirsty Trout Porter Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
    Tables #3 & #4
Artic Dekoorc Eert Sc-7 Dekoorc Eert Edacsac Dekoorc Eert Ollirama Dekoorc Eert I Want More Stout Salmeeyaki Ooot Rye Kwon Do KBE Volume II MMMM * Monster 29 * Lambeek Wants Dragonfruit Aigre Plead the 5th Imperial Stout HomoBourbon Sapien Militiagan Potable Oat Wine Westy Wendall's Wheat Belgianator Olde Ale Detroit Beer Co. Detroit Doppelbock Sumatra Stout Crooked Grill IPA Local 1529 IPA Detroit Brewing Co. Bohemian Alt Sanders Chocolate Stout Dunkelweizenbock Dragonmead Microbrewery Full Fathom Baltic Porter Killer Bee Honey Trippel Ring of Fire Hot Pepper Ale Redwing Raspberry Wheat Sin Eater Belgian Dark Strong Imperial Stout Corktown Red Final Absolution Belgian Style Trippel Eaglemonk Pub & Brewery Red Eye Rye EagleMonk IPA Irish Red Delta Porter Instigator Doppelbock Winter Warmer Fenton Winery & Brewery Staggering Bull Imperial Nut Brown Smoked Porter Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Unbridled IPA * St. Gin's Imperial Whiskey Stout (4:30pm release) * Widowmaker Bourbon Hopped Russian Imperial Stout (2pm release) Filling Station Microbrewery Prague Bohemian Pilsner Dalilah IPA * Einbeck Doppelbock Corktown Stout Founders Brewing Co. Centennial IPA All Day IPA Red's Rye PA Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale Porter Spite Pepper Ale * Frangelic Mountain Brown * KBS Barrel Aged Imperial Stout * Blushing Monk Belgian Raspberry Ale * CBS Maple Barrel Aged Imperial Stout * Curmudgeon's Better Half * Bolt Cutter Barley Wine Frankenmuth Brewery Batch 69 IPA Hefeweizen Ale Red Sky Irish Red Ale Harvest Ale Fresh Hopped Pale Ale Munich Dunkel Grand Rapids Brewing Co. Silver Foam Organic Export Lager Rosalyn Bliss's Blonde Organic Mango Blonde Ale Senator Lyon's Stout Organic Dry Stout The John Ball Brown Organic Nut Brown Ale The Fish Ladder Organic American IPA Old Kent's Dubbel Organic Belgian Dubbel Menage A Trois Organic India Brown Ale (collaboration with Brewery Vivant) Great Baraboo Brewing Co. Disintegrator Winter-Bock Boston Blackstone Porter Heartland Hoppy Pale Ale Snake Eye Canyon Red Ale Greenbush Brewing Co. Distorter Porter Anger Black IPA Mammoth Weizenbock Ursus Winter Olde Ale Retribution Belgian Hybrid 1825 Belgian Strong Isole Belgian Dubbel Hollow Promises Wheat IPA Barrel Aged Hyde Barrel Aged Retribution Barrel Aged Ursus Barrel Aged Terminator X Barrel Aged It's My Porter And I'll Rye If I Want To Delusion Imperial Cream Stout Barrel Aged LTD Barrel Aged Vanderbush Barrel Aged Mincemeat Porter Barrel Aged Cabra Perdida Barrel Aged Dystopia Barrel Aged Distorter Barrel Aged Isole Pain Imperial Cream Stout Dystopia Russian Imperial Stout Cabra Perdida Imperial Blueberry Stout Rage Double Black IPA Brother Benjamin Imperial IPA with local hops Unicorn Killer Pumpkin Ale Insufficient Kitchen Double Brown Ale Mincemeat Porter Mr. Hyde Sumatran Cream Stout Norton the 2nd Imperial IPA Chai Life Jewish Strong Ale Heath Lager Smoked Lager Big Brown Bock Rick Dazzle Chili Pepper Porter I Love You Pete Barleywine Dojo Pony Wasabi IPA Little John Double Chocolate Stout Zack De La Rojo Mexican Hop Chocolate Nanook Imperial White Lightning Warb's Nuts Black Saison with Hazelnut Ann Curry Porter Quatre Epete Quad IPA Peterhosen Elderflower Ale Eh to Zed Maple Brown Damn Dirty Ape Banana Porter Peter's Cotton Tail Spice Beer Tootsie Scotch Ale Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. Little Giant Lager Final Repose Ale Burton-Brussels Express Wood-aged English IPA Edwyn's Warm-up Ale Strong Pale Ale Empire Farm Dry-hopped Pale Ale Harmony Brewing Co. Winter Nights By Danielle Steel Winter Warmer Cross Roads Rye PA Fiddle Stix IPA Battle Imperial White IPA Golden Lion Tamarin Pale Mild Star Stuff Belgian Dubbel Deep End Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Hideout Brewing Co. Gangster IPA Smuggler's Hazelnut Stout (nitro) Aviator Pale Ale Tommy Gun Red (nitro) * Double Dark Double IPA Batch 500 (nitro) Silky Smooth Cream Ale Dark Roast Hazelnut Stout (nitro) Lover's Chocolate Milk Stout (nitro) Chocolate Rye 9AM Hazelnut IPA Nitro Hazelnut Breakfast IPA * Imperial Boozehound Brown (nitro) * Bacon Brown Ale Espresso Milk Stout Strawberry Brown Ale Hopcat Umamba Sour Schwarzbier Panthro Baltic Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels Frangelico Oil Rigger Imperial Stout Blambic Wild Ale with blueberries and blackberries Axis: Sour As Love AKA Jean Claude Van Dammit! Oude Bruin Menage A Trois Indian Brown Ale (collaboration with Brewery Vivant) Jaden James Brewery Cream Ale India Pale Ale Black IPA Porter Tri-Power Triple IPA Imperial Russian Stout Jameport Brewing Co. Altbier Carr Creek IPA Mocha Java Porter Shirley Weizenbock Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales La Roja Sour Flemish Ale Bam Noire Dark Sour Farmhouse Ale Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. Fluffer Session IPA * Michigan Mud Coffee Coco Vanilla Imperial Stout Loonie Kuhnie Pale Ale DRIPA Rice IPA Rye Guy Simcoe Silly Belgian IPA ** Raspberry Eisbock * Fourth Dementia Barrel Aged Olde Ale * A Few Shillings Too Many Wee Heavy Liberty Street Brewing Co. Brewers Garden IPA Emperor Norton Imperial Stout Punkin' Pie Ale Starkweather Stout Liberty One Robust Porter Lily's Seafood Propeller Island Pilsner Reggies French River Red Sven & Ollie's IPA Round Island Rye Big Shoal Bay Brown A. Strange Oatmeal Stout The Livery McGilligan's American IPA Basket Case Imperial Chocolate, Rye, Oat, Milk Stout Agent 99 Belgian Quad SMaSH Summit American IPA Double Paw Double IPA * Barrel Aged 33 1/3 Lager * Barrel Aged Verchousity Dark Trippel * Barrel Aged Bastard Cousin Stout Michigan Beer Cellar Black Magic RyPA Top Secret IPA 7 Seas IPA Double Top Secret Imperial IPA English IPA Honey Maple Winter Wheat Not Old Enough Old Ale Wild Card RIP Russian Imperial Stout Cellar Joy Porter Imperial Gem Pilsner Uncle Krunkle's Dunkelweizen Michigan Sunshine Wit Beer Midland Brewing Co. Responsibly Pilsner 3 Mile Marker Hefe Weizen Copper Harbor Copper Ale Midland Pale Ale Brothers IPA Red Keg Amber Ale Lumberjack Lager Jenny's Nut Brown Ale Pine River Smoked Porter Dublin Street Stout MIP Brewing SNO Belgian White AXL Pale Ale BRIK Irish Red JET Black Pale Ale The Mitten Brewing Co. Country Strong IPA Death to Flying Things Bourbon Imperial Stout Milk Wilcox Sweet Stout Black Betsy American Stout Sparky's ESB Motor City Brewing Works Winter Ale IPA Ghettoblaster Hard Cider Mount Pleasant Brewing Co. Train Wreck Amber Crazy Train Black IPA Coal Stoker's Blackberry Ale Peach Gruit Railyard Raspberry Wheat Steam Engine Stout Iron Horse IPA Sacred Gruit Impervious Imperial Stout Belgian IPA Belgian Train Wreck Belgian Tripple Acclimation IPA Hoptimal IPA Big Kowalski 12.8 Saison ReinheitsgeNot Bourbon Barrel Train Wreck Bourbon Barrel Steam Engine Stout Sensessional Session IPA Love Potion Mystery Brew New Holland Brewing Co. Cabin Fever Brown Ale The Poet Oatmeal Stout Sundog Amber Ale Mad Hatter IPA MI Nightmare Sour Ale * Envious Oak Aged Ale * Dragon's Milk Barrel Aged Stout Full Circle Kolsch Night Tripper Imperial Stout Water Sign IPA Monkey King Saison * Four Witches Black Saison Imperial Hatter Paleooza MI Pale Ale * Rum Dragon's Milk Barrel Aged Stout Mad Hatter Firkin North Peak Production Brewery Dopple Schlam Hoppy Dopplebock Diabolical IPA Siren Amber Ale Nomad Hard Cider Odd Side Ales Bourbon Barrel Aged Citra Pale Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged Mayan Mocha Stout Derlicte Pineapple IPA Bean Flicker Blonde Fussy IPA Java Chip Mint Stout Fat Bottom IPA Mushroom Brews Albino Stout Simcoe Sensation Session IPA Dutch Chocolade Koffie Stout Old Boys' Brewhouse Connor's Kolsch Bad Rap Apple Ale Dogtail IPA Kennel King Imperial IPA Shut-Up Jason Imperial Brown Kiss My Haggis Scotch Ale Nutsack Chocolate/Peanut Stout Old Boys' Imperial Oatmeal Stout Olde Peninsula Brewpub OP IPA Razberry Wheat Stout Chocula Gingerbread Porter Ghost of Stout Chocula Ore Dock Brewing Co. Dream Weaver Belgian Amber Ale Saison d'Hiver Imperial Black Saison Belgian Blonde Porter Ore Dock IPA Saison Ski Bum American Style Wheat Winter Wit Imperial Belgian Witbier Rye Stout Original Gravity Brewing Co. Southpaw IPA 440 Pepper Smoker * Bellywasher Scotch Ale Primordial Porter 2-Wheeler Witbier Our Brewing Co. Foreign Market Ale Toasted Coconut Porter Andes Mint Milk Stout Martas Farmhouse Ale Dutch Tourn Brown Ale Paw Paw Brewing Co. Right Paw Imperial Stout Jake's Vanilla Porter Coconut Porter Black River Oatmeal Stout St. James English KVA Extra Pale Black Talon Black IPA Perrin Brewing Co. Golden Ale Vanilla Imperial Stout Black Lager * Bourbon Barrel Double Black Lager Raspberry Blond Double IPA * Bourbon Barrel Rye Wine * Bourbon Barrel Nut Brown IPA Petoskey Brewing Co. Horny Monk Belgian Ale North 45 Amber Ale Tucker's Pale Ale Mind's Eye PA Dark Knight Black IPA Snowbird Wheat Ale BaDonka Dunkel Hopsessed Double IPA * Stink Fist Triple IPA Pike 51 Brewing Co. The Kush IPA Sabotage Milk Stout with Coffee Sinister Kid Imperial Porter Weizenbock Knight's on Mastadons Imperial Brown Ale with Coffee Batch 51 Rye Wine Mojo Hand Single Hop Black IPA Cherry Triple Redwood Brewing Co. American Stout Dunkel Sow Yer Oats Oatmeal Stout Winter Warmer Right Brain Brewery Second Coming Imperial IPA Igor Takes A Digger Imperial Brown North Paw - collaboration with Paw Paw Kelapa Porter - collaboration with Paw Paw Naughty Girl Stout CEO Stout Fat Lad Imperial Stout Debauchery Wheat Wine Thai Peanut Amber Looping Owl Amber aged in whiskey barrels Steve the Imperial Brown aged in whiskey barrels Mangalitsa Pig Porter Shadow Watcher Stout Strawberry Fields Pecan Bourbon Pie Whole Amber Ale Dead Kettle IPA Rochester Mills Beer Co. Lazy Daze Lager Wit's Organic Paint Creek Porter Milkshake Stout Rochester Red Cornerstone IPA Snow Dazed Winter Warmer Bourbon Barrel Rochester Red Bourbon Barrel Milkshake Stout Bourbon Barrel Snow Dazed Vanilla Coffee Milkshake Stout Firkin Chocolate Cherry Milkshake Stout Firkin Rockford Brewing Co. Rockford Country Ale Sheehan's Irish Stout Rogue River Brown Hoplust IPA Wheat Hopper dry-hopped American Wheat Round Barn Brewery Vanilla Cream Stout Christmas Coffee Porter Belgian Dubbel Peach Fuzz Pale Ale Grape Expectations Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout Maharaja Black IPA Kolsch Royal Oak Brewery 90 Shilling Scotch Ale Great White IPA Snowdrift Winter Ale Count Zaroff's Imperial Stout Uli Kunkel's Coconut Crème Porter Saugatuck Brewing Co. Singapore IPA Reverent Monk Belgian Style Tripple ESB Amber Pathfinder Pale Ale Neapolitan Milk Stout Serrano Pepper Ale Bon Fire Brown Hop on a Blonde Dopple-Bock Hop Scotch Double Hopped Scotch Ale Double Black Double Hopped Black Ale Dramanatrix Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout Firkin (tapping @ 1pm) Schmohz Brewing Co. Kiss My Scottish Arse Mad Tom's Robust Porter Hopknocker Imperial IPA Bone Crusher American Stout Gypsy's Kiss Bock Caraway Rye Ale Treasure Chest ESB Gingerbread Brown Ale Zingiberene Gruit Sherwood Brewing Co. Buxom BlonDDe Ale Mistress Jades Hemp Ale Black Tornado Hop Stout Darth Lager Houlihan's Irish Stout BlonDDeZilla American IPA Black Jack Hazelnut Coffee Stout Pink Elephant Oak Aged Strong Spiced Ale (2pm release) Short's Brewing Co. Gingersnap English Brown Ale Bourbon Wizard Barrel Aged Barleywine Bonafide Legit American IPA Bourbon Goodnight Bodacious Barrel Aged Double India Black Ale Bourbon Huma Lupa Licious Good Feller Imperial American IPA Lil Wheezy Heavily Hopped Amber Ale Juicy Tree Experimental IPA Abnormal Genius Experimental Golden Ale Carob Stout Imperial Stout Huma Lupa Licious IPA Liberator Double American IPA Woodmaster Experimental Brown Ale Evil Urges Belgian Dark Strong Ale Cup A Joe Coffee Stout Stray Cat Street Fighting for the Devil Experimental Old Ale Tri City Brewing Co. Hell's Half Mile Munich Helles Torchon Belgian Pale Ale Giant Slayer Russian Imperial Stout * Dragon Slayer Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Strong Belgian Dark Scotch Ale Mon Tressor Belgian Lavendar Tripel Vander Mill Totally Roasted Hard Cider Blue Gold Hard Cider Chapman's Golden Strong Ale Chapman's Blend Hard Cider Finder's Keepers Cyser Hard Apple Cider Walldorff Brewpub Honey Oat Brown Porter * 500 Creme Brulee Java Stout Bee Sting Honey Rye Hopnoxxxious IPA Cobains Double Dark IPA White Flame Brewing Co. Black Flame Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Passed Out Willy Double IPA Bourbon Barrel Black Sheep Big Willy Barrel Aged Double IPA Super G IPA P.O.P. Porter Black Sheep Black IPA Double Tap Hoppy Pale Ale Witch's Hat Brewing Co. Train Hopper IPA Barrel Aged Train Hopper Big Doedish Double IPA Night Fury Imperial Stout * Bourbon Barrel Night Fury Tuscan Coffee Stout * Bourbon Barrel After X-Mas Belgian Strong Royal Rumble Double Red with Blood Oranges Demon Cleaner Belgian Tripel Edward's Portly Brown Sir Edward's Double Brown Fear Of The Dark Black Barley Wine 1908 Smoked American Wheat Wolverine State Brewing Co. Premium Lager Dark Lager Amber Lager Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager Barista Brown Lager with Coffee Massacre Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Dark Lager Woodward Avenue Brewers - a.k.a. The WAB WABatt Blue Canadian Pilsner Raspberry Blonde Custom Porter Vanilla Porter Juniper Pale Ale Bout Stout Oak Aged Russian Imperial Stout Glutenless Maximus IPA Detroit Maiden IPA Cheers, Eric

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