Jul. 11

Breweries at the 2010 Summer Beer Festival

Here is a list of the breweries that will have a table at the 2010 Summer Beer Festival. The beer list is now complete, giving you more than 400 Michigan craft beers to sample! Firkins to be tappped at the Welcome Toasts: Friday at 7:15pm - String of Ponies Hybrid Ale from The Livery Saturday at 3:30pm - Mad Hatter from New Holland Brewing Co. Arbor Brewing Co. Buzzsaw IPA No Parking Pilsner Hell Comes to Tree Town Brown Uskratch Mai Bock Buzzsaw Massacre Multiple dry-hopped IPA Arcadia Brewing Co. Sky High Rye Whitsun Hop Mouth Hop Rocket B Craft Black Double IPA Cereal Killer Barleywine Imperial Stout Atwater Block Brewery Vanilla Java Porter Dirty Blonde Ale Michigan Lager Double Down Imperial Amber Ale Teufel Weizen Bock Hefeweizen Pale Ale Bastone Brewery Infernale Chili Beer Peanut Butter Beer Saison Du Bastone Witface Bell's Brewery Wild One Sour Brown Ale Wheat Love Java Stout Cherry Stout Quinnanon Falls Special Lager 2008 Eccentric Ale Third Coast Old Ale Black Note Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout Lager of the Lakes Double Cream Stout Porter Golden Funk Ale Oberon Oarsman Berlinerweiss Two Hearted Ale Batch 9000 Consecrator Doppelbock Rye Stout Hopslam Bourbon Barrel Aged Hell Hath No Fury Poolside Ale Le Batture Biere de Garde Le Pianiste Biere de Garde Oracle Sparkling Ale Amber Ale Big Buck Brewery Big Buck Beer IPA Raspberry Wheat Lemon Summer Brew Stout Imperial Porter Beer Popsicles Big Rock Chop & Brewhouse Norm's Raggedy Ass IPA Bonnie's Raggedy Ass Imperial IPA Flying Buffalo Imperial Stout White Cap Wit Red Rock Flanders Red Sour Raspberry Ale Third Rail Tripel Strong Ale Reserve Pilsener American Brown Ale Black Lotus Brewing Co. Hip Hops APA Summer Pale Ale Funkin' A Apricot World Wide Wheat Red Tao Amber Ale Eagle Claw Cream Ale Dark 'N Lovely Dark IPA Blue Tractor Brewery Bad Moon Ryeizen Eastbound & Brown Lazy Sunday American Summer Wheat Smoked Silly Red Ale Schakolad Weizen Chocolate Wheat B.O.B.'s Brewery Full On IPA Orange Lotus Hopsun Wit Himbeere Raspberry Wit Mango Chipotle Ale Robert the 4th Bourbon Barrel Ale Honey Pot Tawny Ale Sugar Daddy Golden Ale CJ's Brewing Co. Summerbrew Vat 33 IPA Rich Hagg Red Dark 'n Sweet Cherry Ale Stanley's Porter (Friday only) Strong Arm Strong Ale (Friday only) Lil Smokey Smoked Lager (Saturday only) Lower Straits Stout (Saturday only) Copper Canyon Brewery (See booth for specific serving times of each beer) Devi's Peak IPA (all day) Northwestern Gold (all day) Yellowcard APA (Fri 7:40-9:00, Sat 4:20-6:00) Ginger Kids Revenge Imperial Red (Fri 5:00-6:20, Sat 1:00-2:40) India Pale Lager (IPL) (Fri 6:20-7:40, Sat 2:40-4:20) Apple Streudel Tripel (Fri 5:00-6:20, Sat 1:00-2:40) L'Ete Saison (Fri 7:40-9:00, Sat 4:20-6:00) Summerzest (Fri 7:40-9:00, Sat 4:20-6:00) Miri Maibock (Fri 6:20-7:40, Sat 2:40-4:20) Blueberry Vanilla Cream Ale (Fri 5:00-6:20, Sat 1:00-2:40) Mixing Bowl Sour Fruit Beer (Fri 7:40-9:00, Sat 4:20-6:00) Bigtime Barleywine (Fri 5:00-6:20, Sat 1:00-2:40) Rocktoberfest (Fri 6:20-7:40, Sat 2:40-4:20) Elzar's Spice Wiesel Explosion (Fri 5:00-6:20, Sat 1:00-2:20) Heidrun Finnish Sahti (Fri 6:20-7:40, Sat 2:40-4:20) Shillelagh Stout (Fri 7:40-9:00, Sat 4:20-6:00) The Beerwench Belgian IPA (Fri 6:20-7:40, Sat 2:40-4:20) Corner Brewery Dirty Love Aged Stout Hell Comes to Hoptown Brown Strawberry Blonde Sacred Cow IPA Spring Fever Barrel Aged Sour Beer Saison Flamboyant Wild Red Demetrius Barrel Aged Sour Double IPA Dark Horse Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout Crooked Tree IPA Raspberry Ale Blackbier Amber Ale Pam's Kitchen Beer Double Crooked Tree Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock Judson Juice Pale Ale 4 Elf Winter Warmer Busterhiman Louie's Donut Beer Brown Ale ROD Red Ale Sapient Trip Ale Boffo Brown Tres Blueberry Stout Too Cream Stout Fore Smoked Stout Detroit Beer Co. Smoked Porter Local 1529 IPA Detroit Red Detroit Brewing Co. Detroit Lager Detroit Dwarf Dragonmead Microbrewery Final Absolution Belgian Trippel Imperial Stout Lancelot's Cream Ale Juggernaut Double Red Redwing Raspberry Wheat Sin Eater Dark Strong Belgian Under the Kilt Wee Heavy Founders Brewing Co. Dry-Hopped Pale Ale Centennial IPA Cerise Cherry Ale Dirty Bastard Red's Rye PA Curmudgeon Old Ale CBS Imperial Stout Devil Dancer Triple IPA KBS Imperial Coffee Stout Black Biscuit Old Ale and Baltic Porter Diablo del Noche Imperial IPA Founders Fest Wheat Frankenmuth Brewery Pilsener Munich Dunkel Red Sky Batch 69 AIPA Dry Stout Hefeweizen Frog Island Brewing Co. Amber Ale Bengal IPA Vanilla Porter (Fri 6pm) Raspberry Wheat (Fri 7pm) Ypsi Citizen Chocolate Porter (Fri 8pm) Summer Saison (Sat 12pm) Devil in the Details Russian Imperial Stout (Sat 1pm) Castle Bravo Double IPA (Sat 2pm) Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. Liberty Lager Sheerwater IPA Strang Wullie Strong Scottish Ale Final Repose Barley Wine (Sat only) Draconus Strong Belgian (Sat only) Schwartz-Vooden Dark Wheat Aged in Wood (Sat only) Oasthouse Wheat Ale Hideout Brewing Co. Smuggler's Hazelnut Stout Bootleg IPA Hooray For Hemp Amber Ale Black IPA Giner Lee Bluegrass Hideout Cider Hopcat Hoppopotamus IPA Sage Against the Machine Herbed Pale Viener Lager The Jerk Spice Beer Red Panda Bourbon Barrel Double IPA Kodiak Killer Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Rebarbora Saison Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Dexter Roja de Kriek Weizen Bam with Lemongrass Blanca with Hibiscus Biere de Mars Bamagranite Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Ann Arbor Tortuga Chocolate Stout Bellipago Gluten Free IPA Belliportigo Gluten Free Brown Ale Luciernaga Saison Keweenaw Brewing Co. Pick Axe Blonde Red Jacket Amber Lift Bridge Brown Widowmaker Black Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. Loonie Kuhnie Pale Ale DRIPA Double Rice IPA Solar Eclipse Imperial Stout Aldebaron Belgian IPA E.T.'s Reese's Pieces Vulcan Mind Mild Yoda's Tihaar Mandalorian Fruit Beer Alien Ale Spiced with Pepper Michigan Malted Red Ale Leelanau Brewing Co. Good Harbor Gold Liberty Street Brewing Co. Siamese Dream Naked Sunday Sully's Kolsch Liberty One Red Glare Amber Ale Steamy Windows Clementine Lemon Thyme Brewer's Garden IPA Foreign Extra Stout The Livery Trance IPA Mt. Baldy California Common Thom's Special IPA Paris-Roubaix APA Berry Wheat Steep Canyon Lager 5th Dimension Belgian IPA Maple Schleide Bock Pipenbock Maibock Hoppelbock Michigan Brewing Co. High Seas IPA Mackinac Pale Ale Nut Brown Ale Peninsula Porter Superior Stout Badass American Lager Russian Imperial Stout (Fri only) Imperial IPA (Sat only) Barley Wine (Fri only) Bourbon Barrel Russian (Sat only) Celis White Celis Grand Cru Celis Raspberry MillKing It Productions AXL Pale Ale BRIK Irish Red Cornerstone IPA Motor City Brewing Works Ghettoblaster English Mild Bohemian Lager Summer Brew Hard Cider Greenfield Village Steam Station Beer California Common Mount Pleasant Brewing Co. Coal Stoker's Blackberry Ale Iron Horse IPA Steam Engine Stout Gruit Ale Herb Beer New Holland Brewing Co. Golden Cap Saison The Poet Oatmeal Stout Full Circle Kolsch Black Tulip Trippel El Mole Ocho Envious Ale aged on Oak and Fruit 2010 Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout Oak Aged Hatter Mad Hatter IPA 2009 Pilgrim's Dole Wheat Wine Sundog Amber Ale Night Tripper Imperial Stout Imperial Hatter 2008 Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout Brother Jacob Dubbel Black Hatter Black IPA North Peak Brewing Co. - Distribution Diabolical IPA Siren Amber Ale Majestic Wheat Archangel Cherry Wheat Old Boys' Brewhouse Tailchaser Pils Dog Days Blueberry Wit Dogtail IPA The Kennel King Imperial IPA Old Boys' Brown Ale Olli's Oatmeal Stout Old Hat Brewery Peanut Butter Stout Peche Peach Lager Hefe Weizen Dirty Red Milf Schwarzbier Bees Knees Honey Ale Olde Peninsula Brewpub Summer Hefe OP IPA Rockin' Razberry Wheat Stout Chocula Original Gravity Brewing Co. Southpaw IPA County Street Amber Belgian Training Wheels Primordial Porter 440 Pepper Smoker OG Ginger Ale Redwood Brewing Co. Oktoberfest Marzenbier 2010 Cream Stout Hefe Weizen English Summer Ale Right Brain Brewery In Toxicated Cherries Cherry Ale Strawberry Fields Strawberry Ale Will Power Pale Ale Northern Hawk Owl Amber Ale The Reserection Stout Ancho Chile Chocolate Porter Black EyePA TC 350 IPA XXX Snuggle Bunny Cinnamon Vanilla Stout Dead Kettle IPA Spiny Norman IPA Distill My Heart Bourbon Stout Rochester Mills Beer Co. Brickshot ESB Lazy Daze Lager Cornerstone IPA Nitrogen Conditioned Cream Ale 2008 Barley Wine Cherry Cream Ale Organic Wit 2009 Imperial Stout Double Dry-Hopped IPA Firkin (Sat only) Round Barn Brewery Summer Wheat Kolsch Motha Pucker Sour Wheat Porter Royal Oak Brewery Camrade Jiri's Czech Pils Summer Wit Vanilla Porter Saugatuck Brewing Co. Oval Beach Blond Ale Pier Cove Porter ESB Amber Singapore IPA Waterfront Wheat Black Pale Ale Smoked Porter Double IPA Hoppy Wheat Spruce Tip Ale Schmohz Brewing Co. Zingiberene Ginger Gruit Pickle Tink Strawberry Wheat Treasure Chest ESB Amber Tease California Common Mad Tom's Robust Porter Hopknocker Imperial IPA Miracle off 28th Street Olde Ale Barley Wine Root Beer Sherwood Brewing Co. Buxom BlonDDe Ale Mistress Jades Hemp Ale Green River Wheat IPA Entire Buzz Honey Porter Alaskan Sister Wit Asylum Amber Ale Daily Grind Kona Porter (Fri 6pm) Noble Benny Imperial IPA (Fri 7pm) Dark Heart Strawberry Dunkel Weizen (Sat 12pm) Strawberry Lemonade Wit (Sat 1pm) Stimulator Doppelbock (Sat 2pm) Short's Brewing Co. Agave Peach Wheat Nicie Spicie Huma Lupa Licious IPA Stellar Ale IPA Hangin' Frank IPA 2010 Anniversary Ale Wheat Wine Rich's Rye IPA Strawberry Short's Cake Fruit Beer Imperial Spruce India Pilsner Black Licorice Lager Mango Pale Ale Bourbon Huma Sullivan's Black Forrest Brewhaus Beer list TBD Three Seargent's Brewing Co. Sergeants American Ale Sergeants Amber Lager Traffic Jam & Snug Frambwosso Barrel Aged Sour Raspberry Bouvier Blanche Dubbel Wit West Canfield IPA Midtown Stout Tri-City Brewing Hell's Half Mile Munich Helles Giant Slayer Russian Imperial Stout Fortunato Belgian Dubbel Loon's Summer Ale Walldorff Brewpub Hopnoxxxious IPA Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Ale Bee Sting Honey Rye Sundancer Summer Wheat Century Pilsner Cobain's Ale Dark IPA Java Brown Wolverine State Brewing Co. Wolverine Premium Lager Woodward Avenue Brewers Blonde Lager Raspberry Blonde Hefeweizen Pale Ale Ruby Lager Green Bullet Organic IPA Vanilla Porter Triskadekaphobiale Cheers, Eric Briggeman

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