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Jul. 9

Brewery & Beer List for #MiSBF - July 27-28, 2018

The list you've all been waiting for...as we approach the 21st Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival, July 27-28, in Ypsilanti. This year, we have 151 breweries participating, with a combined 1,166 beers as we celebrate Michigan Craft Beer Month! [caption id="attachment_1971" align="alignright" width="300"]Click to get the App! Get the list on your smartphone! BeerFestList.com[/caption] Two token beers. 5 Lakes Brewing Co. Superior Pale Michigan IPA Gingersaurus Rex - Herb & Spice Beer 16th Street Brown Project K - Kolsch FrankenSteenbergenStein 100th Street Bridge Wheat Hippie Speedball - Coffee Beer Buy The Ticket Take The Rye - Rye Beer Beer City ProAM Beverage Aberrant Ales West Cost IPA C.R.E.A.M - Cream Ale Natural Aphrodisiac - American Wheat Beer Scarlet Agony - Sour Beer (Saturday only) Dust & Daemons 2 - Sour Beer (Saturday only) Dust & Daemons 1 - Experimental Beer (Friday only) Hazy D and the Boyz: Mango Remix Edition - American Pale Ale American Harvest Brewpub at Schoolcraft College American Harvest Kolsch Style American Harvest Pale Ale American Harvest IPA American Harvest Grand Cru - Belgian Strong Ale Czeck It At The Door - Bohemian Pilsner Lychee Blonde - Fruit Beer Arbor Brewing Co. Brewpub Cucumber Lime Gose Pollination Sensation - Honey Beer Island Pattern - American IPA Summer Ale Golden Brekkie - Sour Beer Festival Saison Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery I Am Broot - Brut IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Mom Jeans! - Strawberry Daiquiri Gose [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Ypsi Gold Michigan Golden Ale - Session Beer A Girl Named Egypt Double IPA w/ Elderflower, Peach & Passion Fruit Euchre Pils Cherry Collusion Smoked Stout Mackinac Island Chocolate Milk Stout Tilted Earth IPA Series: Summer Release - Session IPA Buzzsaw IPA Strawberry Blonde Crystal Peacock Berliner Weisse Framboozled Barrel Aged Sour w/ Raspberries Ferox Vulpes Barrel Aged Sour w/ Concord Grapes Velvet Hammer 10 2016 Vintage Barrel Aged Sour Brown Arcadia Ales Cream Ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Mosaic Whitsun - American Wheat Beer [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Motorhead Road Crew - American IPA Mango Suprise - American IPA MI Berry Vice - Fruit Beer Whitsun - American Wheat Beer Mosaic Dry Hopped Whitsun - American Wheat Beer Sippelicious - Hefe-Weizen Devil Went Down to Gary - American IPA Gary Junior - Session IPA (Friday only) Double Gary - Double IPA (Saturday only) 21st Anniversary - Wild Ale God Save the Pils Hellsinki - Experimental Beer Barrel-Aged Cereal Killer - Barleywine Salted Caramel Morning Nightcap - Coffee Beer (Saturday only) Arclight Brewing Co. Soursmith Pomegranate - Lambic Soursmith Kriek - Kriek Soursmith Apricot - Lambic Soursmith Black Raspberry - Lambic Ascension Brewing Co. Reclassified - Double IPA Lost in the Sauce - Double IPA Basil Peach Sour Pineapple Coconut Sour Atwater Brewery IV - Belgian Dark Strong Ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Baptism of Ethan Diego - Kolsch w/ Anaheim peppers & orange [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Dirty Blonde - American Wheat Beer Whango - Fruit Beer Better Life Choices - American IPA Imperial VJP - Porter (Friday only) Purple Gang Pilsner (Friday only) Street Artist NE IPA (6:30pm Fri. / 3pm Sat.) Coconut VJP - Porter (Saturday only) Atwater Lager - Munich Helles (Saturday only) Austin Brothers Beer Co. Blood Orange Mango Smoothie IPA Double Mango Smoothie IPA Blackberry Passion Fruit Sour The Parallyzer Double IPA 45er IPA Woody Wheat B.O.B.'s Brewery Peanut Butter Porter Prickly Pear Hibiscus Gose Grapefruit Song - Grapefruit IPA Gimme Steam - Vienna Lager BOBinator - Doppelbock Spooky Action - Double IPA Baffin Brewing Co. Mango Unchained - American IPA DaPeach Mode - Berliner Weisse Wicked Smart - American IPA Barley Ray Jepsen - Barleywine Macho Man Shandy Savage - Summer Ale Bastone Brewery Reserve 7 - Belgian Dubbel Kung Fu Smurf - Belgian Quad Thor's Hammer - Belgian Strong Ale The Roman Wolf - Belgian Blonde Raspberry Saison Batch Brewing Company Rainbow Colors Blended - American IPA Funk #3 - Sour Beer Blood In Orange Out Creamsicle Slushie - American Wheat Beer (5pm Friday) More ZRBTT-er Raspberry Slushie - Gose (6pm Friday) Marta Rita Slushie - Gose (7pm Friday) (Sandia) Watermelon Paleta Gose Slushie - Gose (8pm Friday) Jasmine Chamomile Wit Slushie - American Wheat Beer (1pm Saturday) Lemon Berliner Wiesse Slushie - Berliner Weisse (2pm Saturday) Mocha Oatmeal Stout Slushie - Stout (3pm Saturday) Peach Cobbler Berliner Wiesse Slushie - Berliner Weisse (4pm Saturday) Second to Last Word Slushie - Sour Beer (5pm Saturday) POG Milkshake IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Beards Brewery Oh! The Citranity! - Session IPA Owlmadillo - American IPA Rio de Fermenta Forget Me Knot - Belgian Saison Wunderbrau - Cream Ale Grizzly Adams - Double IPA Deez Nutz - Brown Ale Baldur's Dream - Irish Red Ale Victorious - English Pale Ale BA Maluscious Serendipity Porter Brimley Stout Bru na Boinne - Irish Red Ale Bell's Brewery - Comstock Oarsman - Tart Wheat Ale Lager of the Lakes - Bohemian Pilsner Oberon - American Wheat Beer Two Hearted - American IPA Pooltime - Belgian Witbier 30th Anniversary Cherry Stout Reserve - Stout Wedding Ale - American Wheat Beer Sparkleberry - Belgian Trippel Q Falls - IPL Larry's Latest IPA Blackberry L' Appel du Vide - Sour Beer Double Two Hearted The Oracle - Double IPA Pomegranate Oarsman Bell's Honey Hearted - Whiskey barrel-aged IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Biercamp Biercamp Helles Alt - Altbier Biercamp Blonde Biercamp/Edelbrau Collaboration IPA Biercamp/Edelbrau Collaboration Brown Big Hart Brewing Co. Dune Rail - Blonde Ale 5 O'Clock Whistle - American IPA Screeching Sands - Amber Ale Collin's Full Size - Imperial IPA Gluten for Punishment - American Wheat Beer Oceana Gold - Belgian Saison Big Lake Brewing Lake Haze - IPA Seed Spitter - Fruit Beer Blood Orange Lake Haze Lake Hazed & Confused - Fruit Beer (3pm Sat.) Michi-Gander - Session IPA Sandbar Sour Breakwall - IPA Leroy Brown BA Darkstar Lake Beer - Session Beer Block Brewing Company Wicked Pissah - IPA Windows Down - Belgian Saison BoomHopalaka - IPA Razzle Dazzle - Kolsch Blood Red Orange IPA - IPA 2 Grand Cru - Belgian Strong Ale Wired - Coffee Beer The Preacher - Belgian Quad Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery BlackBerry Gose 1895 Michigan Lager - Pilsner w/ 100% MI malt & hops Basil Guava Saison Brut IPA Brew Detroit Yumtown - Low Alcohol / Light Cerveza Delray - Low Alcohol / Light Plutonic - Fruit Beer Abbott Street Wheat Russian Imperial Stout Push Up Pale - IPA Operation Pluot - Wheat Ale w/ Pluots [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Brewery Becker Vargdricka Vargdricka Braggot Fruit Braggot Session IPA Entire Butt - Stout Golden Strong - Belgian Strong Ale Hildesheimer - Sour Beer Kolsch Hefeweizen Brewery Vivant Tropical Saison Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Hop Field - IPA Zaison - Imperial Saison Beer City Pro-Am Cherry Saison Million Pound Grisette - Session Beer (Saturday only) Cherry Angelina - Sour Beer Fresh IPA Project - NEIPA Red Delicious - Gray Skies Applejack Barrel Aged Strong Red Ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Sour Peat - Scotch barrel aged sour ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Brooks Brewing Das Scheuerleinerweizen - Hefe-Weizen Peanut Buddy - Porter Beacher Meet - Sour Beer Downright Stellar - IPA Goblin King - Imperial IPA Brown Iron Brewhouse Strawberry No Rhugrets Raspberry Not My Jam Peach Not My Jam Blueberry Not My Jam PB Dark Nemesis - Imperial Stout Double Juicy - Double IPA Detroit Helles on Wheels Big Hefe C.J.'s Brewing Co. Summerbrew - American Wheat Beer Vatt 33 I.P.A. Rich-Hagg Red Lower-Straits Stout White Pear I.P.A. Double I.P.A. Rye Commerce Common Canton Brew Works Alien AutHOPSy - Double IPA Shakedown - Pale Ale Weizenheimer - Hefeweizen Doherty Dry Irish Stout Cedar Springs Brewing Co. Big Sid - Barleywine [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Tim the Enchanter - Belgian Golden Strong - [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Kusterer Original Weissbier Kusterer Modern Weissbier Kusterer Pale Bock Kusterer Maibock Cellar Brewing Company Beer City Pro-Am Belgian Dubbel with Tart Cherry You Bloody Monkey - DBL IPA with Blood Orange Imperial Star Thistle Honey Blonde Ale Curse of the Red Perle - Red IPA Michigan Sunshine - Belgian Witbier Jon Brown Strawberries and Sunshine Berry Blues - Blueberry Weissbier Cellarmen's CellarRest Braggot Tafel - Bavarian Table Beer Summer Stout Trasher: Non-Lager Lager - Low Alcohol / Light Charlotte Brewing Company Hop Venom - Double IPA Damn Strawberry Pail Polar Bear - Stout Fore Fathers - IPA 1842 - Pilsner Cheboygan Brewing Company Blood Orange Honey - American Wheat Beer Blueberry Cream Ale Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout IPA #11 YIPA - Double IPA Red Sail - Amber Ale Dark Harbor Roasted - Milk Stout City Built Brewing Co. Hazy as Helles Mango Weisse Amore Estivo - Herb & Spice Beer Mandarina - American Wheat Beer Cotton Brewing Company Strong Arm - Belgian Golden Strong Nor'Easter - New England IPA Squirrel's Nut - Nut Brown Ale Big Poppa - Patersbier Thai Ale - Imp. Pale Ale w/Sriracha, Lime, & Basil Sherpa - Himalayan Salt Stout CraftHouse TC Kiwi Kwencher Spring Fling - Lemon Lavendar Nectar of Ninkasi - Sour Beer Awkward Flux - Double IPA Captain Scorch SunRyes Honey Soggy Hibiscus Cranker's Brewery Aphrodisiac Chocolate Pomegranate Imperial Stout DNE Double NEIPA NE 131 NEIPA Raspberry Rizzle Ghost Road Ghost Pepper NEIPA Strawberry Strizzle SP4 Blackberry Cherry Sour Blood of Crank Blood Orange IPA Creston Brewery Bokonon - American IPA "Peaches" Copper - IPL Creston Lager - Marzen Dark Horse Brewing Co. 20th Anniversary Ale - Varient #1 [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] 20th Anniversary Ale - Varient #2 [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Crooked Tree IPA Raspberry Ale Boffo Brown, Ginger & Grapefruit variant Reserve Special Black Ale, Chocolate & Strawberry variant Belgian Amber Ale, Agave & Lemongrass variant Smells Like a Safety Meeting - Double IPA Sapient Trip Ale Kamikaze Kaleidoscope - American Wheat Beer Plead the 5th, Vanilla Bean variant - Imperial Stout BBA Plead the 5th BBA Scotty Karate Bramble on Cherry Brown Ale Cocoa Bourbon Nibbler Grayne Wetzky - Agave Hibiscus Red Ale Hands Feet and Mangoes NEIPA Condemned Conclave Dry Hopped Belgian Golden Ale Dante's 7 IPA #VinylVinylSunday Coffee and Donut Imperial Stout Passion Berry Bang Bang Dearborn Brewing West Village Wit - Belgian Witbier Model IP"A" Pretentious Toad Trippel Rouge on Fire - Herb & Spice Beer Piney the Apple Table Manners Ale - Low Alcohol / Light (Friday only) Ryeco P Ale - IPA (Saturday only) Detroit Beer Company Tangerine Speedo - American IPA Strawberry Summer Slam - Sour Beer Tahoma Hawk - American Pale Ale Turbo Visor - IPL Downey Brewing Co. Mr. IPA White Tail - Blonde Ale Raspberry Radler Curse of the Black Porter She's A Peach Office Romance IPA w/ Wine Juice J.L.A. I.P.A. Mango Tango IPA L.C.A. I.P.A. - Session IPA Grandpa's Jam - Chocolate Stout w/ Cabernet Juice Drafting Table Brewing Co. Render - Hazy IPA Professional Pils Super Love - Passion Fruit Gose Gin BA Professional Pils with Juniper Berries BBA Mean Vanilla Bean (Friday only) BBA Mean Mallow Bean (Saturday only) Dragonmead Microbrewery Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] German Helles Bock [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Final Absolution - Belgian Trippel Brooks & Dragonmead NE IPA Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat - Fruit Beer Funeral Dirge - Imperial Stout Kaiser's Kolsch Castlebrite Apricot Wheat Armageddon Grand Cru - Belgian Quad Ring of Fire - Experimental Beer Draught Horse Brewery Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout Rica Suave Wildberry - Sour Beer Very Chels Berry - Belgian Strong Ale Loko Sol - Cream Ale Gin BA Strong Ben - Belgian Strong Ale NE IPA - Double IPA Eastern Market Brewing Co Market Day IPA Elephant Juice NEDIPA Peaches & Cream Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Elk Brewing Watermelon Cucumber Gose Blueberry Cucumber Gose Pb&J"ale"y Hibiscus Saison Mumble Juice Pb Porter Dankalicious - IPA Hefe Bridges - Hefe-Weizen Eternity Brewing Co. Operation Okapi DDH Pale Ale STAR S'MORES: Episode V The Mallow Strikes Back Razzpeño Aerial Ace - Cream Ale Project Pangolin Milkshake IPA Hemingway Hoax - Herb & Spice Beer For 5 Years I Was Stranded On An Island... It Was Terrible - Imperial IPA Rule of the Fates Pomegranate Kettle Sour Exferimentation Brewing Co. Pink Tickler - American Wheat Beer Kakahiaka Onu - Coffee Beer Tarantulaphant - Pale Ale Ginger Sessions - Gruit Falling Down Beer Company Ninja Chicken Pale Ale Scurvy Dan Blood Orange IPA Foggy Waters NEIPA Raspberry Wheat Farmington Brewing Company Blood Orange Wheat Guava Pale Ale Skittlebrau - Blonde Ale Berliner Weisse Mt. Olympus - Double IPA Summer Citrus - Summer Ale Motor Mouth Coffee Stout Cameron Takes a Wee Nip Fenton Winery & Brewery Session IPA Staggering Bull Imperial Nut Brown Bloomin' Berries Imperial Blonde Wildberry Shiraz St. Gin's Imperial Whiskey Stout Hans' Golden Tripel Fillmore 13 Brewery Saison Summer Sun - Hefe-Weizen Grapefruit C&D - IPA Happy Accidents - IPA War Cry - IPA Abricot Wall of Voodoo Red Alien - Imperial Red Ale Fort Street Brewery Walker Heritage Ale - Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Not Your Mother's Shandy Lion's Way Pilsner Final Hoorah - IPL The Czar Strikes Back - Imperial Stout Waka Waka BIPA - Black Ale Founders Brewing Company 4 Giants IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] All Day IPA - Session IPA Rubaeus - Fruit Beer KBS - Barrel-Aged Beer CBS - Barrel-Aged Beer Dankwood - Barrel-Aged Beer Barrel Runner - Barrel-Aged Beer Red's Rye Mosaic Promise - IPA Solid Gold - Golden Lager Honey Wheat - Summer Ale Backwoods Bastard - Barrel-Aged Beer Porter Frankenmuth Brewery Oktoberfest - Marzen Tangerino - IPA Lighten Up Francis - Kolsch The Hef - Hefe-Weizen Hot Rocket Jalapeno Blonde Brick Haus Belgian - IPA Belgian Boom Sour Big Hoppa - Imperial IPA Little Bavaria - Pilsner Gonzo's BiggDogg Brewing Co. Sparkyball - Kolsch Order 66 - American IPA Blackberry Snack Attack - Belgian Saison (Friday only) Porch Appeal - Fruit Beer Coffee CPTN Howdy - Cream Ale (Saturday only) Snack Attack - Belgian Saison Magic Trick - Hefe-Weizen Grand Armory Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Beautiful Quad [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Sippin' on Gin Barrel Juice [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Wheezin' The Juice IPA Crop Duster Citra IPA White Chocolate Blonde Nutter Your Business Peanut Butter Stout Blurred Limes - Cream Ale Grand Rapids Brewing Co. Sur La Lune - barrel fermented/aged golden sour ale (bottle conditioned) [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Sur Les Nuages - barrel fermented golden Brett ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Petite Chouette (dry hopped version) - barrel fermented/aged oude saison dry hopped with mosaic and galaxy (bottle conditioned) [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Your Body is Not a Temple.... - barrel fermented/aged sour with cacao, cherry and vanilla (bottle conditioned) [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] All I Hear Is Loral - IPL Princess Unicorn's Bloody Wedding - Sour Beer Vampire Finch (Watermark collab.) - Sour Beer Ciel De Nuit - Sour Beer Brut Flux - IPA Petite Chouette - Sour Beer Bon Bon Fire - Milk Stout Double Flux - IPA Grand River Brewery Monkey Mouth - Midwest IPA 313 - Polish Lager Planet Basil - Basil Grapefruit Pale Ale Jeans on the Beach - American Orange Wheat Megabat - Imperial Mango IPA Athena's Spear - Belgian Blonde PB Popper Brown - Jalapeno Peanut Brown South Bound - IPABlack IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale Granite City Food & Brewery Gold Fever - Belgian Strong Ale Blueberrian - Fruit Beer Ukulele - American IPA BBA Bennie - Barrel-Aged Beer Broken Cage - Belgian Saison Watermelon IPA Prairie Vixen - Hefe-Weizen Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply Space Berries - Vanilla Strawberry Kettle Sour Front Porch - Guava IPA S'mores Stout Sanguinity - Blood Orange Wheat BlissTart - Guava Kettle Sour Taco Buddy - A Taco in Beer Form Blissome - Maple Wheat Hoppy Bliss Great Baraboo Brewing Co. Tangerine Shark Tooth Bay Golden Ale Raspberry Kings Peak Caribou Wheat Boo-hemian Pilsner Michigan Brewpub Club Juicy Melons NEIPA Hefen Weizguy Boston Blackstone Porter Greenbush Brewing Co. Aweemowek - IPA with Lemongrass [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Mango Sorbet - IPA ]VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Mixed Berry Sorbet - IPA Cold Bruja - Coffee Beer The Name's Brett - Sour Beer Kiss The Glaze - Cream Ale Apple Pie à la Mode - Brown Ale PhD - Experimental Beer Birds of War - Pale Ale Party Wolf - IPA Star Chicken Shotgun - IPA Rage - Black Ale One & The Same - Fruit Beer 7 Years of Good Luck & Bad Timing - IPA Oro de Tontos - Golden Lager Spite - Pale Ale Griffin Claw Brewing Co. Flying Buffalo Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Chocolate Raspberry Flying Buffalo Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout - Hazelnut Batch 1000 - Lemon Ice Triple El Ligero - Mexican Style Lager With Lime Mr. Blue Sky - Wheat Ale With Grapefruit and Coriander Norm's Raggedy Ass IPA Oblivious - Barrel Aged Wheat Wine - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday only) Yuzu Gose - Tequilla Barrel Aged Gose With Lime - Gose (Saturday only) Harry Cherry 2017 - Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Trippel Stage 5 Clinger - Barleywine You Figure It Out - Vanilla Coconut Milk Stout Illemonati - Session Lemon Ale Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. Burton-Brusseld Express - Wild Ale Pils Be Patient - Pilsner Sheerwater Burton IPA (Friday only) Shank'd IT! Berliner Weisse (Friday only) Urban War Bear IPA (Saturday only) Victor's Gold - Kolsch (Saturday only) Harmony Brewing Co. Lucious Lyon - American IPA GR Pro-Am Beer #1 - Hefe-Weizen GR Pro-Am Beer #2 - Belgian White IPA The Tough Bretts: Blackberry Edition - Sour Beer Smarty Pants - Gose Erste - Golden Lager Harsens Island Brewery Ca Phe - Milk Stout Jobbie Nooner - Session Beer Meet Your Beet - American Pale Ale Cheekin' It Up - Sour Beer Shake Your Trees - Fruit Beer Tashmoo Steamer - Altbier Haymarket Brewery & Taproom Blood Orange Blonde - Blonde Ale Mathias - Imperial IPA Oscar's Pardon - Belgian Pale Ale Speakerswagon Pilsner It's good... it's good... - Hefe-Weizen Hideout Brewing Company Smuggler's Hazelnut Stout Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout Gangster IPA Boozehound Espresso Brown Ale Butterscotch Toffee Stout Peach Lager Chocolate Coconut Red Ale Smooth Summer Amber Lager HomeGrown Brewing Co. Pollyann Witbier Whamber Ale Ruck-A-Chuck IPA Steamboat Stout Zephyrus Hazy IPA - Double IPA (Friday only) Mexican Lager (Saturday only) The IMP - Imperial Stout (Saturday only) Belgian Dubbel (Friday only) Australian Sparkling Ale Berliner Weisse (Draught Horse collab.) (Friday only) HOMES Brewery Same Same Different - IPA Mirror Mask - IPA Postglacial - Sour Beer Dub Tropical - Sour Beer MBA King Cold Brew - Barrel-Aged Beer Straspberry Sherbet - Sour Beer Crumple - Imperial IPA HopCat Blushing Mistress - Strawberry Blonde Ale Zugspitze - Hefe-Weizen Naughty Nostradamus - Cucumber & Lime Blonde Ale Brett Not Bark - Barrel Aged Sour Ale Itty Bitty Witty Committee - Belgian Witbier Orange Push Pop (Beer City Pro/Am collab.) - Kveik Cream Ale w/ orange sorbet and vanilla Don't Haze Me Bro! - NEIPA Jaden James Brewery IPA Black IPA Monkey Butter Porter Hefe-Weizen (Friday only) Scotch Ale (Friday only) Rye Saison (Saturday only) Happy Tree Rat - Brown Ale (Saturday only) Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Alien Church - Sour Hazy IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] #47 Thai Basil - Sour Herb & Spice Beer [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] La Roja with Boysenberry & Guava - Sour Beer Fruited Calabaza Blanca - Sour Beer Costa dei Villa - Sour Beer Smashed, Grabbed, & Hop Dusted 3 - Sour Beer Single Hop Simcoe - Sour Beer Kickstand Brewing Co. John Beere - Low Alcohol / Light (Friday only) Jane Beere - Golden Lager (Saturday only) Pontoon Pale Ale Hotblack - Imperial Stout Pinnacle - Double IPA Sonic Scout - German Pilsener (Friday only) Road Rage - Barrel-Aged Beer (Saturday only) Penny Farthing - Sour Beer (Saturday only) Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. DRIPA - Double IPA Blueberry DRIPA Doyousee Haze BA Cherry Oud Bruin (Friday only) Dark Heathen - Bock (Friday only) Blackberry Hard Lemonade (Friday only) BA Double Nut (Saturday only) BA Oud Bruin (Saturday only) Cherry Rhubarb Hard Lime-Aid (Saturday only) Lansing Brewing Co. Amber Cream Ale Angry Mayor IPA Peninsula Pils Velvet Villain - Porter Sham Pain Brut IPA Mango Pineapple Smoove Blueberry Apricot Smoove Brunch Beer - Dark Lager Sham Pain Brut IPA BBA Amber Cream (Friday only) Fox In The Henhouse Saison (Friday only) Zero Fox Given - Imperial Saison (Saturday only) Night At The Foxberry (Saturday only) Latitude 42 Brewing Co. Nectar Of The Goddess - Fruit Beer South Pacific Breakfast Porter Down Under - Double IPA Bubba Kolsch Party at the Moontower - Double IPA Beach Cruiser - American Wheat Beer Wanda Ales For ALS IPA - Double IPA Liberty Street Brewing Co. Pooh Beer Honey Porter Soul Geometry NEIPA Clementine Lemon Thyme - American Wheat Beer Bigwheel Burnouts NEIPA Siamese Dream - Double IPA Kenzie's Birthday - Hefe-Weizen Peace, Love and Haze (Witch's Hat collab.) - NE IPA Loggers Brewing Co. Cerveza De Lenador - Golden Lager Mosaic S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale Logger Lemonade Lemon Cherry Shandy So Much Drama - French Saison Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Fight - Crème Brulee Brown Ale Dramanow - Chocolate Wheat Battle Damage - American IPA Whraspthberry - Raspberry Belgian IPA Midland Brewing Company Copper Harbor - Amber Ale Lime Rock IPA Railway Rosie Imperial Radler Smoothie IPA Whiskey-Barrel Aged Silver Jack Driscoll - Imperial Stout Tahoma SIPA - Session IPA Mishigama Craft Brewing Centerfield Sensation - Belgian Saison Blue Racer Street Car #10 - American Pilsner Smeet Frog - American IPA Ypsitucky New England IPA Motor City Brewing Works Ghettoblaster Ale - English Mild Ghettoblaster Lager - Bohemian Pilsner Dank & Hazy - Triple IPA Summer Beer Old Gear Oil - Wild Ale Mad Farmer Strawberry Rhubarb - Belgian Trippel Mad Farmer Cru-Berry Blue Mad Farmer Cru-Berry Red Mountain Town Brewing Co. Trainwreck - Amber Ale Railyard Raspberry Wheat Iron Horse IPA Machine Shop Great Lakes Wit Lazy River Lager Foreign Export Stout Bittersweet Symphony of Destruction - Double IPA Polish Pilsner New Holland Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Tulip - Belgian Tripel [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] 2015 Incorrigible Reserve - White Sour Ale with Berries [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Incorrigible - Sour Beer Tequila Barrel Aged Incorrigible - Sour Beer Gin Barrel Aged Incorrigible - Sour Beer Sour Inc. Honey Ginger Tangerine Space Machine - IPA Hoptronix - Imperial IPA Mad Hatter - American IPA Taz IPA Xtra Time - Session Beer Lost Dune - Fruit Beer Dragon's Milk - Barrel-Aged Beer Dragon's Milk Reserve: Chocolate Cherry - Barrel-Aged Beer Imperial Session Pale Ale Cerveza New Holland - Golden Lager Black Hatter - IPA Berry Hatter - IPA North Center Brewing Cherrish the Sun - Belgian Saison Liberation Center - American Pilsner Dubbel Date - Belgian Dubbel True North - American Wheat Beer Pain Killer - Belgian Trippel Haze to Mouth NEIPA Raspberry Waffle Cone Strawberry Shandy North Peak Brewing Company Hail - Pale Ale Motley - Mosaic American Pale Ale Perk - Coffee Beer Diabolical - IPA Rambler - Pilsner Archangel - Fruit Beer Northern Oak Brewery Martha Street Haze - IPA Hatchetation Kolsch Slow Train Brown - Brown Ale Got Bock Odd Side Ales Don't Harsh My Mellow - BBA Imperial Stout brewed with smoked malt, chocolate & vanilla [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Cherrywood - Barrel-Aged Beer (Saturday only) Rye Hipster - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday only) Implication - Triple IPA Raspberry/Blood Orange Fruitsicle Mango/Passionfruit Fruitsicle Hop Gobbler - Session IPA P.O.G. - Fruit Beer Tangerine Dank Juice - IPA Mosaic Dank Juice - IPA Another NEIPA! Old Nation Brewing Co. Sunstead Helles Bock [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] M43 Variant - IPA (6:30pm Fri. / 3:30pm Sat.) M-43 NEIPA Green Stone Double Dry Hopped Rye American Pale Ale Full Earth Double NEIPA Honey Saison (Fermenta collab.) Black Currant Daymaus - Sour Beer Vienna Lager Olde Peninsula Brewpub & Restaurant Tornado IPA Spanish Cedar Wood Aged Tornado IPA Sassafras Wood Aged Tornado IPA Peanut Butter Stout Chocula Espresso Downtown MI Brown Ale Mango Ghost Tornado IPA Rockin' Razberry Wheat Tornado IPA One Well Brewing Only Gose to Show, Lime Pilsenthropic - IPL Xalapa - Herb & Spice Beer Sweet Water Street - Coffee Beer State of Bean - Coffee Beer Professor Nutbutter's Ripped Right - American IPA Whoppy - American IPA OpenRoad Brewery Up the Country - NE IPA White Razz - Fruit Beer The Traveler - Belgian Trippel Wile E IPA - Wild NE IPA (2pm Sat.) Session 150 - Session IPA (Friday only) Pineapple Express - Pineapple IPA Ore Dock Brewing Co. Angry Bear - Red wine and brandy barrel aged Sour Oud Bruin [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Honey Don't - Oak barrel aged Saison finished with fresh honeydew melon [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Loose Juicy - Hazy IPA Bramble on Rose - Raspberry Golden Strong Reclamation - American IPA Fresh Coast BIPA - Belgian Pale Ale Queen City - Kolsch Bum's Beach - American Wheat Beer Dreamweaver - Amber Ale Wine Thief - Wine barrel aged Belgian Blonde Ruby Sour - Sour Brown w/ strawberries & rhubarb Blue Canoe - Berliner w/ blueberries & lemon peel Original Gravity Brewing Co. Choose your own adventure Citra Hopped Fresh Lemonade Shandy [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Southpaw IPA Dad-Bod Lager - Pilsner Root Down Ginger Beer 440 Pepper Smoker Watermelon Mojito Witbier BA Mind Flayer - Belgian Trippel EZ Duz-it IPA - Session IPA Saison-Tron Ozone's Brewhouse Kryptonale - Cherry Vanilla Amber Roller Kolscher - Cucumber Kolsch Totally Awesome #4 - IPA Master Of Shadows - Porter Base Lager - American Pilsner Raspberry-Lime Lager - American Pilsner Dry Hopped Lager - American Pilsner Chardonnay Barrel Aged Lager Parker's Hilltop Brewery Mr Hockey - Irish Red Ale Bella's Blondes Hilltop IPA Blank's IPA - Session Beer Pirates Porter Ry-No's Head - Belgian Dubbel English Pale Last Gumption - Belgian Trippel Paw Paw Brewing Co. Raspberry Wheat Laughin' Paw - Pale Ale Weekend Away - IPA Black Talon - IPA The Good - Double IPA Jake's Vanilla Bean Porter Perrin Brewing Co. 2018 No Rules - BBA Imperial Porter [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Perrin Light Lager Perrin Black 98 Problems IPA Grapefruit IPA Passion Fruit Gose Blonde Porter S'Mores Stout You Bretta Run - Sour Beer Razzberry Blonde Ain't No Sunshine - Belgian Blonde No Problems IPA - Session IPA Petoskey Brewing Co. Horny Monk - Belgian Dubbel Juicy - IPA Cranium Crush - Cream Ale Tart Cherry Wheat Beach Slapped Pineapple Coconut Blonde - Barrel-Aged Beer Chris Farleywine - Barleywine Righteus Czar - Porter Kentucky Trooper - Barrel-Aged Beer Hopsessed - Double IPA Mighty Mac - Porter Sword of the Morning - Porter Tripelle's Show - Tequila Barrel Aged Belgian Trippel Pigeon Hill Brewing Co. Grapefruit Renny DIPA Renny "Session" DIPA No Diggnity Hazy IPA Summer Lovin' - Kolsch S.C.P. - Salted Caramel Porter O.C.P. - Oatmeal Creme Pie (Saturday only) YGOFT - Imperial Stout Pike 51 Brewing Co. Fresh Citrus Sour Pulp Friction - Fruit Beer Sensual Bean (Batch 7) - Barrel-Aged Beer Citra Pils Fruit Salad Sour Sofa King - IPA Mosaic Saison Beer City ESB (Pro-Am collab. w/ Jeff Carlson) Pileated Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel aged Morrigan (Friday only) Bourbon Barrel aged Night Hawk Stout (Friday only) Rainbow Warrior IPA Sour Cherry Blonde (Friday only) Belgian Sour Double Rainbow Warrior - Double IPA Never Enough IPA Wrangling Dharma Pale Ale Reed City Brewing Co. Cherry/Rhubarb Sour US 10.2 - Imperial IPA Blueberry Patches - American Wheat Beer PB Porter Right Brain Brewery BA Deader Kettle 2nd Runnings - Rye whiskey barrel aged low gravity Parti-Gyle Ale w/ maple syrup [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Luminous Lemon Ale - Cream Ale Dead Kettle - American IPA Blue Magic - Cream Ale Spinal Tapper - Double IPA Cherry Pie Whole - Amber Ale Northern Hawk Owl - Amber Ale CEO Stout Who Gose There Cherry Lime - Gose Thai Peanut - Brown Ale Gin Joy Ale - Barrel-Aged Beer Looping Owl - Amber Ale River Rouge Brewing Co. B.A. Look into My Rye - Rye Stout aged in Motor City Gas Rye Whiskey Barrel [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Saison Trois - Saison aged for 15 months in a French Cabernet Sauvignon barrel [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Peanut Butter Chocolate Stencel Stout UnExpected IPA I-75 - Basil Grapefruit IPA Mango Explosion Dragon Explosion - Mango and Dragon Pepper Ale Belgian Dark Strong Coconut Kolsch River's Edge Brewing Co. Old Town Czech-style Pilsner Eyes of the Muse Grisette - Belgian Saison Tangerine Soursop Moon Golden Ticket Rye - Pale Ale Milford Pub Ale - English Bitter Call Me the Breese - IPA Dirty Frank Stout Laser Raptor - Double IPA Imperial Coffee Stout X3 - BBA Blend Hurricane in Kingston - Rum Barrel Aged Saison with Key Lime and Fresh Ginger Lykov - Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon, Scotch, Rum & Brandy barrels Roak Brewing Co. Rum Barrel Aged Kashmir - Belgian Strong Dark Ale [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] Bourbon Barrel Aged French Toast Devil Dog [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Zenyatta N.E. Style - Session IPA Hopgazer N.E. Style - American IPA (Friday only) Raw Power - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday only) Blueberry Santoria - Pilsner (Friday only) Peanut Butter Cup Devil Dog - Oatmeal Stout (Friday only) Flavorful Five N.E. Style - Double IPA (Saturday only) Ice Cream Man - Sour Beer (Saturday only) French Toast Devil Dog - Oatmeal Stout (Saturday only) Blackberry Hopgazer N.E. Style - IPA (Saturday only) Rochester Mills Beer Co. 19th Anniversary Pilsner Oooh The Germans - Munich Dunkel Just a little guy - Session IPA RMBC BandWagon 20th Anniversary Belgian Trippel Rochester Mills Production Brewery Juice Bigalow Hop Gigolo - American IPA Gypsy Goddess - Radler Water Street Wheat Canoe Sex - Low Alcohol / Light IPA Rockford Brewing Co. Black Currant Imperial IPA [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Erdbier - Strawberry Weisse Bloodlust - IPA w/ blood orange Dogmastyle - NEIPA Hoplust - West Coast IPIA Atomic Tangerine - Belgian Wit w/ tangerines Malph's Premium Light - Light Cream Ale Rogue River Brown - English Brown Ale Hot Chuck - IPA w/ ghost peppers Round Barn Brewery Kolsch Hop Dealer - American IPA Earl Grey Pale Ale Rhu the Day - Fruit Beer Bob's Your Uncle - ESB New England IPA Oak Aged Biere de Garde - French Saison BBA Catharsis Royal Oak Brewery Northern Kolsch Mellow Gold - British Summer Ale Summer Wit Suicide Blond Habanaro IPA Michelada Oak Aged Flanders Red Ale Rupert's Brew House Beat'n Your Wheat LSD - Fruit Beer Hibiscus Berliner Blackberry Berliner Smooth Kitty - Fruit Beer Rustic Leaf Brewing Co. Newbie's IPA Hazy Dreams - N.E. IPA Tropical Libation - Gose (Saturday only) Choco Shake IPA (Saturday only) Smells like a Lager - American Pilsner Wall of VooDoo (Fillmore 13 collab.) Salt Springs Brewery Cashmere Zeppelin IPA Czech's Mix - Pilsner Big Brown Bunny - Porter Barrel Aged Bunny - BBA Porter Blood Orange Hefe Whitetail Wit Saugatuck Brewing Co. Cucumber Watermelon Saison (collab. w/ Fermenta) [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Blueberry Lemonade Shandy Lager of Love - Light Lager Blueberry Maple Stout Neapolitan Milk Stout Backyard IPA - Session IPA Chaotic IIPA Paled It! - American Pale Ale Daze On Saison Cottonmouth Quencher Peach - Sour Beer Bonfire Brown BBA Dramanatrixxx Reverent Monk - Belgian Trippel Schmohz Brewing Co. Saison de Gabrielle[VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Hopalotawatomee - Brown Ale Hopknocker - Imperial IPA Miracle off 28th Street - Old Ale Kiss My Scottish Arse - Scottish Ale Cannibal's Marinade - Gruit Sherwood Brewing Co. Disco Lemonade Disco LimeAde Disco Blueberry Lemonade Disco Black Plum Lemonade Disco Ruby Red Lemonade Disco Blood Orange Lemonade SourWood Aqua Fresca SourWood Hibiscus Gose Daily Grind Kona Porter Green River IPA Cracker Jacked Ale - Amber Ale Ghost In The Darkness - Herb & Spice Beer Short's Brewing Co. Wine Barrel Orange You Glad I Didn't Call You Honey - French Saison w/ Brett, brewed w/ orange, lemon, orange blossom honey & green cardamom, aged in red wine barrels [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Melt My Brain - Golden Ale w/ coriander, juniper, limes & tonic Sticky Icky Icky - American IPA Freedom of '78 - IPA w/ guava Soft Parade Shandy - Fruit Rye Ale mixed with lemonade Nitro Soft Parade - Fruit Rye Ale on nitro Strawberry Short's Cake - Golden Ale brewed w/ strawberries & milk sugar Schnozzleberry Griffin - American Wheat Beer w/ Oolong tea & blackberries Mule Beer - Cream Ale brewed w/ lime & ginger Bourbon Barrel Aged Mule Beer Nicie - American Wheat Beer brewed w/ orange & lemon zest, coriander & peppercorn Gitchy Gitchy Ooh La La - Kolsch brewed w/ lemon, cucumber & lilac Bourbon Barrel Aged Magician - BBA Red Ale Lady Luminary (collab. w/ Fermenta) - Dry-hopped kettle sour w/ blueberries & lemon basil Wit Happens - Belgian White Beer brewed w/ coriander, grains of paradise & orange peel Dan's Pink Skirt - American IPA Silver Harbor Brewing Co. Shipfaced - Barleywine Grandma's Favorite Recipe - Sour Beer Juice, Sweat and Tears - IPA Kumbaya - Brown Ale So Heffen Good - Hefe-Weizen Sister Lakes Brewing Co. King of the Raft Juicy IPA Shakedown's Treat - American Pale Ale Two-Eyed Jack Sour Brown Ale - Barrel-Aged Beer Dewey Lake Monster - Double IPA SPF 0 Cherry Berliner Weisse Primos Mexican Lager Driftwood - American Wheat Beer 12:00 Whistle Session IPA Keeler Common - California Common Ale Snowbelt Brewing Co. My Chest Hurts - American IPA Sunnyside Hop - IPA Margarita Gose Kazfire S'mores Porter Summer Fling - Kolsch Speciation Artisan Ales Wine BA Magic Trait - Sour Beer Common Descent: Lemon & Lime - Berliner Weisse Common Descent: Cucumber & Lime - Berliner Weisse Common Descent: Lime & Mint - Berliner Weisse Proglacial - Sour Beer Saltation - Sour Beer Stiggs Brewing Co. Wallonie - IPA Avalanche - Porter Slusho - IPA Rail Spike - Barrel-Aged Beer Stony Lake Brewing Co. Feeling Smiley - American IPA Summer Wheat (Friday only) Cascade Amber (Friday only) Dirty Deacon - Scotch Ale (Friday only) Eleven Hour - American IPA (Friday only) Witt's Weissbier (Saturday only) Too Late Pale (Saturday only) Raspberry Cream Ale (Saturday only) Pastor's Porter (Saturday only) Stormcloud Brewing Co. Uncle OSA’s Honey Ale - Belgian Golden Ale fermented with Odd Side Ales Barrel Fermented Honey [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Friday)] P’eaching to the Choir - Saison with pickled peaches, pickled jalapeño and pickled cilantro [VIP ENTHUSIAST (Saturday)] Rainmaker Ale - Belgian Pale Ale Whiled Away IPA Thirty-One Planes IIPA 1001 Nights - Belgian Brown Ale with coconut Saison du Stormcloud - Saison Noir Cherry Spangled Saison Citrus & Gin - Citrus Saison aged in gin barrels Sunrunner Ale - Belgian Session Ale brewed with mango & habanero peppers Tapistry Brewing Co. Gin Barrel Aged Mr. Orange w/ Lime [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Heart Full Of Napalm - Double IPA Masked Monk - Belgian Strong Ale (Saturday only) Northern Trippin - IPA Archer Weisse Mocarina of Time - Low Alcohol / Light Milkabama Shakes - IPA Fermenta Extra Pale Ale Tecumseh Brewing Co. Island in the Sun - Sour Beer Raspberry Beret - Sour Beer Stardust - Sour Beer Lil' Peanut - Stout BA Kilty - Barrel-Aged Beer Pink Sidewinder - Fruit Beer Tangie - Sour Beer Sidewinder Shandy - Radler Super. Simcoe Smash - Double IPA Lost Shaker of Salt - Gose Tenacity Brewing Co. Barrel Aged Critical Stout Farmer's Daughter IPA Stumble Bee Honey IPA Sassy Lassie Scotch Ale 2nd Shift Session IPA Strawberry Blonde Ale Territorial Brewing Co. Big Yellow Truck - Pilsner BC Light Kenny Lagers - Munich Helles Three Nancies - Maibock Bock That Thang Up (Friday only) Gose Like Swayze (Saturday only) The Livery Slow Peach - Sour/Oak Aged Belgian IPA w/Peaches SMaSH MI Cascade - MI Grown 2-row and MI Grown Cascade Beer Nuke The Fridge - NEIPA See-Saw - Belgian Witbier Lotus - American Pale Ale Noir Pie - Maillot Noir (Black Raspberry Sour) Firkin w/Graham cracker, Cinnamon, and Vanilla The Mitten Brewing Co. Country Strong - American IPA Mango Gold - American Wheat Beer No Pepper Gose - Cranberry Lime Platinum Sombrero - Golden Lager Put Me in Kolsch Peanuts and Cracker Jack - Porter Dock's No No - Double IPA Third Monk Brewing The Tinky Winky Fruit Saison O9A Imperial Black Stout Small Stone New England IPA Thornapple Brewing Co. Snowbird - Fruit Beer 6' Blonde Smurf Berries - Fruit Beer Kaladin Helles Lager SMASHed Tractor - French Saison Salted Caramel Brown Frank-N-Bier - Belgian Strong Ale Many IPA Thumb Brewery Thumb Brewery Oatmeal Stout Thumb Brewery West Coast IPA - Double IPA Quinn's Irish Red Thumb Brewery Sunsoaked - American Wheat Beer Tibbs Brewing Co. Ben Jonesin' Chocolate Toffee Porter Common Law IPA Hell-Jen - Belgian Trippel Berry-Mosa - OJ, Elderberry, Blood Orange, Belgian Tripel (7pm Fri.) MI Lucky 13 - Barrel Aged Dark Belgian Tripel (2pm Sat.) Strawberry Blondeshell Lavander Blondeshell GTF Stout - Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Stout Tilted Axis Brewing Co. Leafy Hopper Burbon Barrel Imperial Stout Legend Cherry Wheat LunarShade Trail Point Brewing Co. CIPApotamus - American IPA Perk Ya Later - Coffee Blonde Ale Hippees & Cowboys - American Pale Ale Hoppers Buzzaar - Bourbon barrel-aged double IPA with honey Dr. Peelgood - American Wheat Beer Transient Artisan Ales The Juice is Loose - Double IPA Buckley - Imperial Stout Cromulent - American IPA Wayward - Wild Ale Canuckley - Imperial Stout (Saturday only) Kentuckley - Imperial Stout (Friday only) Mitches Be Trippin - Berliner Weisse Tri-City Brewing USS Edson Pilsner - Pilsner Creamsicle Ale - Cream Ale Hawaiian Jack - American Pale Ale Vienna Lime - Vienna Lager Grand Traverse Imperial Stout Belgian Trippel Hefeweizen Cherry Torchon Hell's Half Mile - Munich Helles Brownhoist - Brown Ale Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea Bourbon Peach - Kombucha Beer Elderwand - Kombucha Beer Strawberry Rhubarb Tea - Kombucha Beer Baharat Kombucha Tea - Kombucha Beer Orange Cream, Sucka - Kombucha Beer Kentucky Kombucha Mule - Kombucha Beer Watermark Brewing Co. Snail Trail - Double IPA Leisure Lager Margarita Melon Heads - Gose Slippery Bob - IPA White Flame Brewing Co. MIllie Bobby Brown - BBA Session Kentucky Kiss - BBA Scotch Ale Lumpy Space Princess - Pineapple Pink Peppercorn IPA Mo'Peez - SMASH IPA Totally Rad - American IPA Red, White, & Brew - NEIPA Witch's Hat Brewing Co. Double Barrel Night Fury (Maple & Bourbon) - Night Fury Imperial Stout aged in bourbon bbl then maple bourbon bbl [VIP ENTHUSIAST (both days)] Train Hopper - American IPA Defloured NEIPA - American IPA Voice of the Turtle - Pilsner Dames and the Giant Peach - Fermenta collab., sour peach ale - Fruit Beer Treat Yo Self Raspberry Sour Blueberry Lemonade Gose Hillbilly Mango - Warped Wing collab., tart IPA w/ pawpaw fruit Traxxx Night Fury - bourbon barrel stout w/peanut butter, vanilla beans, coconut Vanilla Bean Night Fury - bourbon barrel stout w/vanilla beans Cinnamon Coconut Night Fury - bourbon barrel stout w/cinnamon and coconut Boysenberry Ghost Pepper Night Fury - bourbon barrel stout w/ boysenberry and ghost peppers Rye Whiskey Night Fury - bourbon barrel stout aged in Valentines Rye barrels Well Water - bourbon barrel barley wine Wolverine State Brewing Co. Wolverine Premium - American Pilsner Verano - Amber Lager Tangelo Wheelbarrow Weekend - Radler Cucumber Wheelbarrow Weekend - Radler Massacre '17 - Barrel-Aged Beer (7pm Fri.) Barista - Coffee Beer Juicemanji - Double IPA Citra Green Thumb - Session IPA NZ Pils High N Dry Rye Pils Woodward Avenue Brewers Woodward Avenue Blonde - Blonde Ale Detroit Maiden IPA Raspberry Cream Ale Saison en Enfer Aggrovator - Tropical Stout Barleysaurus Wrecks - Barleywine Space Hardware - Double Dry-Hop IPA Saratoga - American Pale Ale Peach Enfer - Fruit Beer Space Shake - Fruit Beer Two token beers.

U.P. Fall Beer Festival

Detroit Fall Beer Festival

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