Jul. 13

Grand Crew Update

Here is the latest on Michigan’s Grand Crew availability. The beer has finished ageing and is now in kegs and ready for distribution. Reports by those who have had the opportunity to sneak a taste are very favorable. Ron Jeffries called it “surpassingly good”. I can hardly wait to try it myself. The distribution plan is being finalized and the beer will begin to ship to retail outlets as early as next week. There has been a very high demand for this beer so supply will be quite limited with most outlets receiving only one keg. A list of outlets where the Grand Crew will be available will be posted on the Mash soon but you will need to pay attention to get to your favorite spot while it lasts. We will be pouring Michigan’s Grand Crew at the Summer Beer Festival. For a description of the beer see an earlier post to the Mash.

Summer Beer Festival 2020

U.P. Fall Beer Festival

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