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Aug. 30

Grand Rapids' Mustard Plug hits the silver screen with "Beer" song

By John Sinkevics | The Grand Rapids Press | August 29, 2008 The Great Lakes State's kings of ska go Hollywood today. Yup, Mustard Plug's tune, "Beer (Song)," is featured in the movie, "College," which hits movie theaters across the country starting today. The Grand Rapids band's frontman, Dave Kirchgessner, concedes this "is really crazy" but pretty exciting. "Don't get me wrong," he wrote in an e-mail, "I knew we were on the soundtrack, I just figured the movie would slide its way into the direct-to-DVD rack at Blockbuster. But no, it's going to be in theaters, and lots of them nationwide." Hey, the wacky teen comedy starring Drake Bell and Nick Zano might not be Oscar-worthy, but any spotlight it sheds on Mustard Plug's lively music is long overdue. The song's included in the official soundtrack, now available at iTunes.com and Amazon.com. Get more info about the movie and soundtrack at myspace.com/collegemovie.


16th Annual Winter Beer Festival

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