Jun. 29

Michigan's Grand Crew: A collaborative brew

I am proud to announce the anticipated release of a beer brewed as a cooperative effort of the Michigan brewing community. The beer is the culmination of an idea of Scott King’s with input from brewers across the state. The beer was brewed on June 20th with about 30 people in attendance at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. About 1/3 of the grain bill was unmalted Michigan wheat and there is also a small amount of Michigan beet sugar in the beer. The beer will be slightly higher than regular strength and has a nice hop character in both bitterness and aroma from a dry hopping. The beer is similar to a Grand Cru in style although it is fermented with an English ale yeast. It is called Michigan’s Grand Crew, a little play on words referring loosely to the beer style as well as to our great community of skilled brewers. The beer will be available at the Summer Beer Festival and at a few select retail locations in very limited quantities.

Summer Beer Festival 2020

U.P. Fall Beer Festival

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