Jul. 15

New Beer Adventurer Guide Service Offered at Michigan Summer Beer Festival

Ever been to a Beer Festival and been overwhelmed by all the different breweries, all the different beers and beer styles you find? Craft beers cover a huge variety of delicious tastes, colors, and smells, and it's sometimes hard to decide to spend a token (or wait in a long line) for a beer you're not sure you'll enjoy. Beer Adventurer Guides are here to save the day! A Beer Adventurer Guide is a volunteer (who gets into the Festival FREE) who has offered to share the knowledge they've accumulated about Michigan breweries, beers and beer styles with those who want and need to know! Fill out a short survey below, and you'll be paired with a group of like-minded beer drinkers in order to get the maximum enjoyment from the Michigan Brewer's Guild Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti. This is available on Saturday ONLY. Arrive at the Festival before your scheduled tour (you'll be able to come in through the VIP entrance). Then you'll meet with your Adventurer Guide and up to four other members of your group. After discussing what beers you each know you'd like to try, you'll assemble the group's 'battle plan' and go forward. Perhaps your group will be interested in beers from a certain set of breweries, or maybe just determine a particular beer style you'd like to investigate for the day. Your Adventurer Guide will have advance information on which breweries are in attendance and have a list of which beers will be on tap – and when! Each Adventurer will be issued a second tasting cup, on a lanyard, for gathering samples. Everyone will scatter to gather a sample – then come back together to taste and discuss what they have found. This goes on for about an hour – you'll use maybe four tokens, but have the opportunity to taste up to 20 beers! Beer Adventure tours cost $10 per person (Festival entry ticket still required) and is collected upon arrival. Registration is open until July 20th. There are three registration links below (and on the right side bar) for those who wish to be Guides, those wanting to be Guided and general volunteers for the festival event team. Volunteer to work the Festival Volunteer to be an Adventurer Guide Application to be a Beer Adventurer OFFICIAL MICHIGAN BEER ADVENTURE GUIDE WEBSITE: http://sites.google.com/site/workformichiganbeer/

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