Oct. 1

130 Breweries & 950+ Beers to be Poured at Detroit Fall Beer Festival (Oct. 26-27)

We're less than a month away from the Michigan Brewers Guild 10th Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival, October 26-27, at historic Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. This year, we're expecting 130 breweries to collectively pour more than 950 beers during the two-day event. Tickets are still available online ($40 for Friday / $45 for Saturday) at MiBeer.com. Also, don't forget to download our official app in the Google Play Store or iTunes, from BeerFestList denotes two token samples 127 Brewing Oktoberfest OK IPA - Double IPA Where's My Kilt - Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Pothole Porter Jazzberry - American Wheat Beer Lemon Drop IPA 5 Lakes Brewing Co. Nate's Grandma On A Unicorn Barrel Jingle Horse - Porter Unicorn Mohawk - Experimental Beer Hippie SpeedBall - Coffee Beer Drank-O-POT-Amus - Triple IPA Thumbs U.P. - Double IPA Aberrant Ales Hopstepper - Brut IPA Queen of the Sour Suckers Hazy D and the Boyz (Pineapple Remix) - American Pale Ale Muckspout Stout Amber American Harvest Brewpub at Schoocraft College American Harvest IPA American Harvest Pale Ale American Harvest Kolsch Style (Saturday) Blood Orange IPA Arbor Brewing Co. Brewpub Alternate Dimension - Altbier Baby Joe's Dunkel - Dark Lager Oktoberfest - Marzen Festbier - Golden Lager Innkeeper English Pub Ale Hushed Tones Hazy IPA Schwarzbier Darkside Black IPA Woodwose Wood-Aged and Soured Saison Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery BBA Russian Ties Imperial Stout BA Cherry Collusion Smoked MI Cherry Stout Mole Monster Spiced Double Stout Farm + Ferment Wet Hopped Hazy IPA Dad Joke Blueberry + Blackberry Berliner Weisse Tilted Earth Autumn IPA Euchre Pils Crystal Peacock Berliner Weisse Flamboyant Red Barrel Aged Sour Arcadia Ales Apollyon - Belgian Strong Ale Fruited American Wild Ale Brett Saison Farmhouse Style Ale Brown and Red American WIld Ale Morning Nightcap Coffee Porter Motorhead Road Crew - IPA Sippelicious - Hefe-Weizen Loch Down - Scottish Ale Devil Went Down to Gary - IPA Shipwreck Porter - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday) Barrel-Aged Cereal Killer (Saturday) Deliverance Sour Brown Ale - Barrel-Aged Beer Arclight Brewing Co. Soursmith Kriek - Lambic Soursmith Black Raspberry - Lambic Soursmith Strawberry Rhubarb - Lambic Soursmith Blood Orange - Lambic Ascension Brewing Co. Rye Barrel Aged Gorilla Juice Rye Barrel Aged 30 Mile Porter Bourbon Barrel Aged 800 Pound Gorilla Reclassified - Double IPA Key Lime Pie Sour Atwater Brewery Barrel Aged VJ Black Imperial Stout (Friday) Kettle Sour (Saturday) Dirty Blonde - American Wheat Beer Vanilla Java Porter DBE - Experimental Beer First Brown Detroit Thermal - Amber Lager (Friday) Vanilla Java Porter Coconut Better Life Choices - American IPA Whango Raspberry Lager - Munich Helles Pumpkin Spice Latte Street Artist N.E. IPA Decadent Dark Chocolate - Brown Ale Estonia Baltic Porter (Saturday) Axle Brewing Co. Long Cut IPA (Friday) Bloombox Hoppy Pilsner (Saturday) Forward Observer - Barrel-Aged Beer Yesterday's News - Double IPA Tragically Hopped - Double IPA Livernois Lager Oktoberfest Noble Ghost - Blonde Ale AlternaFacts - IPA Pumpkin Spiced Latte Baffin Brewing Co. Mango Unchained - IPA Bob Barley - Coffee Beer Shake Your Pump - Pumpkin Beer Doc - IPA Heath Richards - Milk Stout Bastone Brewery Thor's Hammer - Belgian Strong Ale The Roman Wolf Kung Fu Smurf - Belgian Quad Reserve 7 - Belgian Dubbel Batch Brewing Company Rainbow Colors Blended - Milkshake IPA Funk 1 - Sour Beer Funk 2 - Sour Beer Funk 3 - Sour Beer Funk 4 - Sour Beer BA Requited Imperial Marta Rita Especial Anejo - Barrel-Aged Beer DICKSMASHER - Imperial Stout DBE: Bettermade FAYGOse - Gose Madera BA Antwerp's Placebo Beards Brewery TBA VIP Enthusiast Beer Oh! The Citranity! - Session IPA Owlmadillo - IPA Luna - Belgian Saison Serendipity - Porter Deez Nutz - Brown Ale Grizzly Adams - Double IPA Silent Planet - ESB Molasses S. Grant - Stout Bell's Brewery Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout Lager of the Lakes - Bohemian Pilsner Best Brown Two Hearted Ale - American IPA Arabicadabra - Coffee Beer Official - American IPA Hopsoulution - Double IPA Larry's Latest Fruit Ale Pomegranate Oarsman Uberon - Barrel-Aged Beer Imperial Rye Ale - Barrel-Aged Beer Honey Hearted - Barrel-Aged Beer Big Hart Brewing Co. Star Hill - Dry Stout Test Hill - Double IPA Screeching Sands - Amber Ale Collin's Full Size - Imperial IPA Edelbrau - Brown Ale Imperial Edelbrau - Imperial Stout Blackrocks Brewery Trenary Toast Amber (Collab. w/ Rockford Brewing Co.) - Belgian Saison Rum/Rye Barrel Aged Murray Project (Friday) Honey Lav - Amber Ale (Friday) Bourbon Barrel Aged Barbaric Yawp (Friday) Nordskye - Session IPA (Friday) Grand Rabbits Dry Hopped Cream Ale (Friday) Tip Of The Ship Imperial Stout (Saturday) Rum Barrel Aged Barbaric Yawp (Saturday) Coconut Brown (Saturday) 51K IPA (Saturday) Oktoberfest (Saturday) Brew Detroit Mojo Bro Cho - Balaton Cherry Berliner Weisse Mojo Po Fro - Berliner Weisse Blue Moon Mist (Detroit Beer Experiment) - Blue Cotton Candy Kettle Sour Cerveza Delray - Low Alcohol / Light Yumtown - Fruit Beer Two Glass Jaws - Double IPA No Glass Jaws - American IPA BBA Baikal's Reverence Brewery Becker Fruit Braggot Vargdricka Braggot DIPA Vargdricka Kolsch Hefeweizen Kriek Dubbel Marzen Brewery Vivant 2017 Paris - Red Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Saison Farm Hand Hop Field - Farmhouse IPA Pumpkin Tart Contemplation - Honey Beer Tripel Tart Side of the Barrel Stone Fruit Sour Champion Brut - Brut IPA Brooks Brewing Peanut Buddy Porter Did you just tart? - Sour Beer Double Moji - Stout Pure Michigan - Vienna Lager Goblin King - Imperial IPA Brown Iron Brewhouse Tiki Freaki - Porter Mood Changer - Double IPA Mexican Stout - Imperial Stout Helheim Hammer - Triple IPA Mood Changer w/ Fruit 1 - Double IPA Mood Changer w/ Fruit 2 - Double IPA Mood Changer w/ Fruit 3 - Double IPA Canton Brew Works BBA Disco Burrito Party - Stout So Brutiful - Brut IPA (Saturday) Yard Boyz Milkshake IPA - Chocolate (Saturday) Yard Boyz Milkshake IPA - Mango (Friday) Yard Boyz Milkshake IPA - Orange (Friday) Under Investigation Walls Closing In - Russian Imperial Stout 7000 Steps to High Hrothgar - Double IPA Cedar Springs Brewing Co. Kusterer Original Weissbier Kusterer Dunkelweizen Kusterer Salzburger Marzen Cedar Red Ale Cellarmen's Derbie Pie - Barrel Aged Chocolate Milk Stout with pecans & vanilla Boogieman - Milk Stout Smoked Cydeer - Experimental Beer Dumb-Ace Cheboygan Brewing Company Back 40 Saison Blood Orange Honey - American Wheat Beer Blueberry Cream Ale Lighthouse Amber - Altbier IPA #11 Oktoberfest Porter Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout City Built Brewing Co. Honor Amongst Thieves - Imperial Stout Harvest Lager Melisandre - IPA White Girls After Dark - Pumpkin Beer Orange Rosemary - Belgian Saison (Saturday) CJ's Brewing Co. Vat 33 I.P.A. Strong Scotch Ale Alpharoma Harvest Ale Oktoberfest Rich-hagg Red Vat 66 Double I.P.A. Martino's Santiam Ale - American Pale Ale Double Summerbrew - Honey Beer Cognition Brewing Company Black Mass - Porter Raglefantøl (Collab. with Ozone's Brewhouse) Oktoberfest Gnome Wrecker - Belgian Pale Ale Oblivion - Milk Stout Languish - IPA North Lord/Hot Yoga - Imperial Stout Salina Flora - Experimental Beer Afterlife Simulator - American Wheat Beer Cotton Brewing Company Sour City - Sour Blonde Ale Big Daddy - Belgian Sour Persistence - Continuously Hopped IPA Golden Goblet - Cocoa Nib Stout When Life Gives You Lemons - Lemon Basil Wheat CraftHouse TC Caramel Apple Kiwi Hibiscus Cranberry Cream Ale Pure Mitten IPA CinnaGraham Captain Scorch - Stout Cranker's Brewery Not Your Kids Trixx TRIPA Ghost Road Ghost Pepper NEIPA NE 131 - American IPA Aphrodisiac Chocolate Pomegranate Imperial Stout Blood of Crank - American Pale Ale SP4 Blackberry Cherry Sour Ale Raspberry Rizzle Raspberry Ale Creston Brewery Earl Grey ESB Blueberry Sweet Street Golden Age Coffee Lager Braveheart 3 - Belgian Strong Ale 2018 Harvest Ale Dark Horse Brewing Co. Maple Barrel TRES Blueberry Stout (VIP Enthusiast beer) Crooked Tree IPA Raspberry Ale Grayne Wetzky Agave Hibiscus Pale Ale Scotty Karate - Scotch Ale Smells Like a Safety Meeting - IPA Oktoberfest Souped Up Citra Meeting - IPA New Zebedee SupernaturALE Five High Harvest Ale Cocoa Bourbon Nibbler Stout Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout LEMOSAHO NEWA New England Wheat Ale Hands Feet & Mangoes - NE IPA Dearborn Brewing Oranges The New - Milk Stout Baklavale - Honey Beer Smack My Apple - Belgian Strong Ale Rocky Mountain Mint Stout Malted MilkBall Brown Ginger Has No Soul - Red Ale Sweet Tot-Tots - Porter Mocktoberfest - Amber Ale Naner-weizen Detroit Beer Co Detroit Beer Experiment 60/40 Radler Harvest Ale Brut Goose Oktoberfest Downey Brewing Company Mr IPA Raspberry Radler White Tail - Blonde Ale Yang White Stout Double Downey Double IPA 2.0 Grandpa's Jam - Stout The Ambassador - Wet Hopped Pilsner Drafting Table Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Mean Vanilla Bean Imperial Stout (Friday) Rye Whiskey Mean Vanilla Bean Imperial Stout (Saturday) Blackberry Tarty Slip Berliner Weisse Professional Pils Rezolute IPA Passion For That Fruit - Passion Fruit NE Pale Ale (Saturday) Dragonmead Microbrewery Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat Final Absolution - Belgian Trippel Jason's IPA Kaiser's Kolsch Redwing Raspberry Wheat Corktown Red - Amber Ale Armageddon Grand Cru - Belgian Quad Devil's Knight - Pumpkin Beer Funeral Dirge - Imperial Stout Draught Horse Brewery Rum BA Belgian Strong (Collab. w/ Drafting Table) BBA Goop Juice Stout 21 Chardonnay BA Saison Beefcake Brut - Session IPA Kanye Weiss - Sour Beer Chocolate PB Stout Campfire Maple Brown Eastern Market Brewing Co. New New NEDIPA White Coffee Stout Elephant Juice NEIPA Moon Mist IPA Solstice Blend One - Barleywine Strawberry Milkshake IPA Carrot Cake Spiced Ale Ellison Brewery and Spirits Gravity Flux - 14.5% Barrel Aged Coffee Stout Dissenting Opinions BBA Barleywine Dawn - American Pale Ale Tiramisu - Sweet Stout River's Point - Sour Beer Kathryn the Great - Sour Beer Oktoberfest  - Brown Ale Gravity Shift - Barrel-Aged Beer Force of Gravity - Barrel-Aged Beer You Can Get with that Juice - Double IPA American Lager Eternity Brewing Co. Project Pangea - Imperial Red IPA w/ Lactose & Black Currant Imperial Caribbean Coffee Stout Michigan Hopped Harvest V28 - Pale Ale Operation Ostrich DDH Pale Ale Grandpa's Bungalow - Tequila Barrel-Aged Lager Cranberry Kettle Sour Falling Down Beer Co. Scurvey Dan - Blood Orange IPA Raspberry Wheat Tart Blazing Beaver - Double Brown Ale with hot peppers Oktoberfest - German Marzen Farmington Brewing Company Blood Orange Wheat Oktoberfest Vanilla Bean Porter Cameron Takes a Wee Nip - Barrel-Aged Beer Rum Barrel Aged Guava Pale Ale Tequila Barrel Aged Cilantro Lime 4C'z Slam IPA Fenton Winery & Brewery Shiawassee Shandy St. Gin's Imperial Whiskey Stout MI Cherry St. Gin's Imperial Whiskey Stout Swingin' Berries Double Cream Stout Blackberry Merlot Staggering Bull Imperial Nut Brown Fillmore 13 Brewery Octo the Omega Warrior - Double IPA War Cry - IPA Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout SHAN-toberfest - Oktoberfest Darker Shade of Pale Abricot - Fruit Beer Hazelnut Porter Founders Brewing Company CBS 2017 - Barrel-Aged Beer All Day IPA - Session IPA Solid Gold - Premium Lager Rubaeus - Fruit Beer Breakfast Stout KBS 2018 - Barrel-Aged Beer CBS 2018 - Barrel-Aged Beer Dankwood - Barrel-Aged Beer Better Half - Barrel-Aged Beer Harvest Ale Trigo - IPL Backwoods Bastard - Barrel-Aged Beer Detroit Beer Experiment - Collaboration w/ Batch Brewing Co. Frankenmuth Brewery Oktoberfest Lager - Marzen Harvest Ale Christmas Town Ale The Hef Hot Rocket Jalapeno Blonde Ale Sweet Tooth - Stout Tripel Vision Belgian Boom Sour Grand Armory Brewing Co. Cloudy with a Chance of Hops - N.E. Double IPA (Saturday) B.B.A. Big Beautiful Quad - Belgian Quad Crop Duster Citra IPA White Chocolate Blonde Nutter Your Business Peanut Butter Stout Year Round Brown Grand Rapids Brewing Co. Bruised Soul - Stout Bab Bou Jeloud - Porter Coeur Obscur - Sour Beer Princess Unicorn Tangie Tango Party Punch - Sour Beer Guaval Brutality - American Pale Ale Infinite Flux - American IPA Xtra Chuggy - American IPA Jean Ballon - Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale Grand River Brewery Monkey Mouth - IPA 313 - American Pilsner Pumpkin Grind P.B. Popper - Brown Ale Hop Ramen - Experimental Beer Black Ace - Imperial Stout Oktoberfest The Strawman Argument - Fruit Beer Granite City Food & Brewery BA Gold Fever Duke in Thyme - Barrel-Aged Beer Vanilla Stout - Barrel-Aged Beer Duke - American Pale Ale Oktoberfest - Marzen Blue Eye Brunnete - Brown Ale Zug Zwang - Porter Prairie Vixen - Hefe-Weizen Great Baraboo Brewing Co. Hoppy Heartland Harvest Ale Boo-hemian Pilsner Punkin Weizguy Cady's Corner IPA OktoBoofest My Little Boo-tter Cup Peanut Butter Cup Porter Greenbush Brewing Co. TBA VIP Enthusiast Beer Vanderbush - Fruit Beer Remnant of Dragon - Imperial Red Ale Sailor of Circumstance - Imperial Stout Pain - Imperial Stout Party Wolf - IPA Royal Order of the Waterbuffalo - Barleywine Barrel Aged Cabra Perdida Delusion - Barrel-Aged Beer LTD - Barrel-Aged Beer Barrel Aged 1825 Damn Dirty Ape - Brown Ale Battle Flower - Fruit Beer Dystopia - Imperial Stout Revenger of the Weiner Griffin Claw Brewing Co. Norm's Raggedy Ass - IPA Mr. Blue Sky - American Wheat with Grapefruit and Coriander Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin - BBA Pumpkin Beer Stage 5 Clinger - Barleywine Flying Buffalo Hazelnut - Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout Flying Buffalo Vanilla Cinnamon - Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout Screamin' Pumpkin Haze Force - Intergalactic (Planetary) Hazy IPA You Figure It Out - Vanilla Coconut Milk Stout Dark Passenger - Barrel Aged Strong Ale Oblivious - Barrel Aged Wheat Wine Idiom - Imperial Porter Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. October Ale - Barleywine (Saturday) Victor's Gold - Kolsch Schwarz und Stolz - Schwarzbier Sheerwater Burton IPA GP Slumlord - English Bitter (Friday) Harsens Island Brewery Tashmoo Steamer - Altbier Ca Phe - Stout Pitaya - IPA Beach, Please - Belgian Blonde Isla Caliente - Stout Milo's World Famous IPA - Smoke Beer Haymarket Brewery & Taproom Hazy is Lazy - American IPA Oktoberfest - Marzen Mother Jones - Belgian Dubbel Speakerswagon Pilsner Baltic Porter HOMES Brewery Lazer Light Show - Double IPA Orange & Black Sherbet - Sour Beer Composition (Blackberry/Raspberry) - Sour Beer Composition (Cascara) - Sour Beer Shocks - IPA IPA TBD Guava Sherbet - Sour Beer Jaden James Brewery IPA Monkey Butter - Porter Lager Scotch Ale Rye Saison Pumpkin Ale Happy Tree Rat - Brown Ale Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Pure Speculation - (JP's first non-sour beer!) Double Dry-Hopped IPA (Friday) La Roja Grand Reserve (normally a brewery-only exclusive) - Sour Amber Ale (Saturday) BBA Madrugada Obscura - Barrel-Aged Stout Turbo Bam Kiki No More - Fruit Beer La Parcela - Pumpkin Beer Parcelatte - Pumpkin Beer Single Hop Citra - IPA Kickstand Brewing Co. Pontoon Pale Ale Hogtoberfest Helles Yeah - Maibock (Friday) Road Rage - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday) Hotblack - Imperial Stout (Saturday) Birch Bark Porter (Saturday) Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. DRIPA - Double IPA Blueberry DRIPA Cherry Rhubarb Lime-aid White Devil - Belgian Strong Ale Detroit Dortmunder Dark Creme Brulee Java Stout Bank's MI Farmhouse Brown Lake Charlevoix Brewing Co. Double Cookie Stout (aged on Oreo cookies) BBA Shot to the Dome-Belgian Quad, conditioned in a sunken ship (2pm Sat.) Pig Devil- Smoked Maple Bacon Porter Man-Guava Me Crazy - Mango Guava Sherbet Sour Lansing Brewing Co. Amber Cream Ale Angry Mayor IPA Velvet Villain - Porter Peninsula Pils Peach Smoove - Sour Beer (Friday) Beaumont Brown (Friday) Stadium Stout Black Magic - Imperial Stout (Saturday) Pink Guava Smoove - Sour Beer (Saturday) Latitude 42 Oktobierfest Fuzzball Peach Sour Hop Head Centennial Harvest Ale - Wet Hopped Ale Banging the Chains Liberty Street Brewing Co. Oud Bruin - Flemish Brown Punkin' Pie Ale Pooh Beer - Honey Beer Soul Geometry - IPA Clementine Lemon Thyme Starkweather Stout Lily's Brewery & Seafood Grill Sven and Ollie's IPA A. Strange Stout Propeller Island Pilsner Reggie's French River Red Drummond Island Dortmunder Marzen Whitefish Bay Wheat Fairbank's Point Framboise Elderberry Bruin Blackrock Point Blackberry Ale Loggers Brewing Co. Highland Jack's Pumpkin Scottish Ale We Creamed Our Peanuts Oatmeal Creme Stout Oktoberfest - Marzen Brut Double IPA Looking Glass Brewing Co. Super Squishy - Sour Beer Another Oktoberfest King Dave - Double IPA Queen Bee - American Strong Ale (Friday) Vanilla Mint Cream Stout (Friday) 2 Brown Beavers - Brown Ale (Saturday) Rye Aged Mad Cow - Milk Stout (Saturday) Midland Brewing Company Copper Harbor - Amber Ale Arbuckle Cold Brew Coffee Stout BA Gandydancer Barleywine (Saturday) Midland Brut IPA Wendigo Double Black IPA Lumberjack Brawl Midnight Wheat - Dunkelweizen Monkey Fist Brewing Co. Peninsula Hopper IPA GW's Little White Lie - Belgian Witbier O' Porter House - Coffee Beer Touch of Sunshine - American Pale Ale (Saturday) Motor City Brewing Works Beer list not provided Mountain Town Brewing Co. Space Force - Double IPA (Friday) 60 Degree Saison (Saturday) Peach Gruit Iron Horse IPA Trainwreck - Amber Ale Hobo's Brown Ale Coal Stokers Blackberry Steam Engine Stout New Holland Brewing Co. Barrel Aged Sun's Out White Stout (Friday) Wholly Pit - Belgian Witbier (Saturday) Dragon's Milk - Barrel-Aged Beer Dragon's Milk Reserve Banana Coconut  Dragon's Milk Reserve Coffee Chocolate Night Tripper - Imperial Stout Ichabod - Pumpkin Beer The Poet - Oatmeal Stout Jittery Scotsman - Scotch Ale Tangerine Space Machine - IPA Dragon's Milk Reserve S'Mores Mad Hatter - IPA Michigan Nightmare - Sour Beer North Center Brewing Dubbel Date - Belgian Dubbel Event Horizon - Imperial Stout Dripping with Dot - Porter Dragon's Blood - Imperial Red Ale Pain Killer - Belgian Trippel Headless Horseman - Pumpkin Beer NCB Oktoberfest - Marzen Sublimination - Imperial IPA Thicc Boi - Hefe-Weizen North Peak Brewing Co. Gnarl - Amber Ale Zinger - French Saison Motley - American Pale Ale Dauntless - Oktoberfest Throwback - Session Beer Dweller - IPA North Pier Brewing Company Happy Guy - Pilsner Old Shuck - Porter Zodiac Keller Hoppy Hefe Northern Oak Brewery Sonic Squirrel - Double IPA NorOak Fest - Oktoberfest Got Bock Space Patrol Red Father Bock - Doppelbock Odd Side Ales Beer Me - Low Alcohol / Light Caged Wisdom - IPA Hazel's Nuts - Barrel-Aged Beer (Friday) Zure Kers - Sour Beer Rye Hipster - Barrel-Aged Beer (Saturday) Citra Pale Ale Fruitsicle Old Nation Brewing Co. Ten Penny Bit Scottish Ale M-43 NEIPA Boss Tweed DIPA Oktoberfest - Marzen Pastry Stout 1.0 Oracle Brewing Co. Synchro - IPA C-Beans - Stout Creature Fear - Sour Beer Spelt - Belgian Saison Ore Dock Brewing Co. Wisco Kid - Brandy Barrel Aged Rose Hipped Golden Strong finished w/ fresh blackberries in the barrel (Friday) Ruby Sour - Red Wine Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale finished with U.P. strawberries and rhubarb (Saturday) Cherry County Red - Barrel-Aged Beer Bramble on Rose - Fruit Beer Loose Juicy - American IPA Struck a Gourd - Pumpkin Beer Leaf Looker - Brown Ale Dream Weaver - Amber Ale Porter Fresh Coast - Belgian Pale Ale Star Pass - Sour Beer Original Gravity Brewing Co. Southpaw IPA ShineBox Dunkelweizen Old Skool Altbier Primordial Porter Top Hops Fresh Pale Ale Two-Wheeler Witbier Spincast Cream Ale BA Bellywasher Scotch Ale Our Brewing Co. Tobacconist Porter (Saturday) Careless Whisper - American IPA Study Buddy Milk Stout Sour Of Grayskull - Berliner Weisse Double Power Ozone's Brewhouse Kryptonale - Amber Ale Sage Of Ale - Cream Ale Totally Awesome #1 - IPA Master Of Shadows - Porter LiQuad Art - Barrel-Aged Beer Pumptrickin Achillea Softly With Saison - Barrel-Aged Beer NE IPA Paw Paw Brewing Co. St. James Mild Amber Two Paws IPA Mr. Sunday Hopped-up Amber The GOOD Double IPA King James Scotch Ale Jake's Vanilla Bean Porter Perrin Brewing Co. Malted Milk Ball Imperial Porter Black Ale Blackberry IPA 98 Problems - IPA Lotsa Problems - Imperial IPA No Rules - Barrel-Aged Beer Passion Fruit Gose Razzberry Blonde Strawberry Push Hop - IPA Roeslare - Sour Beer Petoskey Brewing Co. Horny Monk - Belgian Dubbel Juicy New England IPA Super Trooper Coffee and Doughnut Brown Beach Slapped Pineapple Coconut - Barrel-Aged Beer Kentucky Trooper - Barrel-Aged Beer Chris Farleywine - Barleywine Oktoberfest Trippelle's Show - Barrel-Aged Beer Robusta Nut - Porter Dornish Summer - Hefe-Weizen Ryeteous Czar - Imperial Stout Misty Mt. Hop - Barrel-Aged Beer Pigeon Hill Brewing Co. Your Mom on French Toast - Russian Imperial Stout w/ maple syrup & cinnamon YGOFT - Imperial Stout S'More Beast In My Cup - Imperial Stout No Diggnity Juicy IPA Pumpkin Spice OCP Renny "Session" DIPA Pileated Brewing Co. Night Hawk Double American Sout Rainbow Warrior IPA Never Enough North East IPA Vanilla Java Porter Steam Pilsner Belgian Sour with Fruit Railtown Brewing Co. Peanut Butter Cocoa Time - Imperial Porter Citra Warrior - Imperial IPA w/ honey Good Mooed - Milk Stout Locomotion Porter - Porter w/ coffee, cinnamon, vanilla & cocoa nibs POW! Right in the Kizberry - Raspberry Wheat Reed City Brewing Co. PB Porter Plump Pumpkin Ale Rye IPA Pumpkin Stout Blueberry Wheat Sour Right Brain Brewery Coffee with Cream? - Imperial Cream Ale w/ coffee Apple Pie Whole - Amber Ale Thai Peanut - Brown Ale Concrete Dinosaur - Rye Beer Black Cherry Sour Naughty Girl Stout Spinal Tapper - Double IPA Everyone's Doin' It - Pale Ale River Rouge Brewing Co. Are You Pumpkin My Porter - Imperial Porter (Friday) Barrel Aged Stencel Stout - Motor City Gas B.A. Stout (Saturday) Peanut Butter Chocolate Stencel Stout Alt. I-75 with Basil & Grapefruit - IPA Mango Pils We Have Only Just Pecan - Porter Appletoberfest - Oktoberfest River's Edge Brewing Co. Milford Pub Ale - English Bitter Dirty Frank Stout Sword in the Skull - Schwarzbier Spiders From Marzen - Oktoberfest The Norwegian - IPA Hamstermeister - Doppelbock Bourbon Barrel Aged Indubious Dubbel St. Augustine (BBA Brown Rye w/ butternut squash, brown sugar, cranberries & herbs) Howden's Field (BBA Strong Ale w/ smoked pumpkins) Roak Brewing Co. Hopgazer N.E. Style IPA Zenyatta N.E. Style IPA Live Wire - IPA Little Saint Nick - Gose French Toast Devil Dog - Oatmeal Stout Blueberry Flavorful Five N.E. Style Double IPA Bourbon BA Kashmir Bourbon BA French Toast Devil Dog - Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout Rochester Mills Production Brewery Black and Blue Pils (Friday) Milkshake IPA (Friday) Oatmeal Cookie Porter (Friday) Banana Nut Bread Wheat (Friday) Cascara and Coffee Milkshake Stout (Saturday) Millschelada (Saturday) Brut Mosa - IPA (Saturday) Pumpkin Pietoberfest (Saturday) Rockford Brewing Co. Complete Nutter Madness - Imperial Porter with peanut butter, vanilla, & coffee Chinook Wet-Hopped Harvest Ale Rogue River Brown Hoplust IPA Blood Lust IPA w/ blood oranges Trenary Toast Amber (Collab. w/ Blackrocks Brewing Co.) - Belgian Saison Sheehan's Stout - Dry Irish Stout Royal Oak Brewery Northern Kolsch 23rd Anniversary German Pils Oak Barrel Aged Brett Kolsch w/Michigan Apples Oktoberfest Peanut Butter and Chocolate Porter Midwest Autumnal Tree Top IPA Rustic Leaf Brewing Co. Newbies IPA BBA Sea Hag (3pm Sat.) BBA Sunrise Stout (7pm Fri.) Mixed Berry Cobbler Show Me Your O-Fest - Marzen Shake Your Berries NEIPA Salt Springs Brewery Oktoberfest Headless Hopsman Pumpkin Ale Cashmere Zeppelin - American IPA Blood Orange Hefe Imperial Chocolate Stout Big Brown Bunny - Porter Saugatuck Brewing Co. BBA Imperial Pumpkin Chai (Friday) BBA Imperial Blueberry Maple Stout (VIP Enth. Saturday) Blueberry Lemonade Shandy Paled It! - American Pale Ale Chaotic IIPA Neapolitan Milk Stout Cucumber Watermelon Saison Lager of Love Schmohz Brewing Co. Kiss My Scottish Arse Hopknocker - Imperial IPA Cannibal's Marinade - Gruit Coconut Crusher - Stout Pickle Tink - Strawberry Wheat Treasure Chest - ESB John T. Pilsner Sherwood Brewing Co. Black Pils - Schwarzbier (Friday) Bloody Blonde - Blood Orange Blonde (Saturday) Pumpkinbread Hefeweizen Michigander Harvest IPA Fest Bier - Oktoberfest Verry Cherry Trippel Wired Awake Espresso Black Lager BLAbbey Blueberry Abbey BBA CRIM SourWood Pumpkin Spice Latte SourWood Cranberry Citrus Sour Short's Brewing Co. Set Phasers to Love - Gin & Tonic inspired beer aged in gin barrels with blackberries & peppercorn Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Belgian Double IPA Hellacious Rock - American Double IPA Slurm Lord - Double NE IPA brewed w/ oats Mule Beer - Experimental Ale brewed w/ lime & ginger Spruce Pilsner - Imperial Pilsner fermented w/ blue spruce tips Action Pants - Session Ale Totally Noche with Lime - Mexican Dark Larger w/ lime The Ali-Gator - Doppelbock Nitro Soft Parade - Fruit Rye Ale w/ strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & bl See Ya Never - Golden Sour w/ apricot Magic Eye - NE IPA Sweep The Leg Johnny - Old Ale Pumpkincrusha Hibiscus Brute - Brut IPA w/ hibiscus Speciation Artisan Ales TBA VIP Enthusiast Beer Monotreme - Sour Beer Wine BA Magic Trait - Sour Beer Heredity - Sour Beer Cypsela - Wild Ale Stiggs Brewing Co. Wallonie - American IPA Avalanche - Porter Horton Bay - Hefe-Weizen Run For The Roses - Herb & Spice Beer Screaming Tree - American IPA Classy Sassy & A Bit Bad Assy - Triple IPA Stormcloud Brewing Co. Rainmaker - Belgian Pale Ale Thirty-One Planes IIPA - Belgo-American Double IPA Georgia Gold - Belgian Golden Ale w/ peaches & pecans B Sirius - Traditional Belgian Dubbel 2018 Harvest Tripel - Annual Fresh-Hop Belgian Trippel 24:30 Pale Ale - Annual Fresh-Hop Belgian Pale Ale Stormtoberfest - Traditional Oktoberfest Apalatelypse - "Another Day, Another Apocalypse" aged in a Willet Barrel(Collab. w/ Palate) SuperNatural Spirits & Brewing Leme Brulee - Gose Brutus Hopcake Brut - IPA Unicorn Blood Hibiscus Sassquash - Pumpkin Beer 'Bout Two Weeks Blueberry Sour Sheep Shagger - Scotch Ale Force Field Nut Cup - Chocolate Beer SuperNatural 10 - Belgian Strong Ale Bruno the Magnificent Oud Bruin - Sour Beer Tapistry Brewing Co. Northern Trippin - IPA Pecks Porter Milkabama Shakes 1 - IPA Rye the Jewels - Rye Beer Heart Full Of Napalm - IPA Milkabama Shakes 2 - IPA Tecumseh Brewing Co. 80s Joel - IPA Forever Blue - Sour Beer Tangie - Sour Beer BA Temptress - Barrel-Aged Beer Prof. Plum - Barrel-Aged Beer Spirit of '96 - Pumpkin Spiced IPA Tenacity Brewing Co. Tenacity Blonde Ale Tenacity IPA Tenacity Session IPA Tenacity Scotch Ale Tenacity Milk Stout Tenacity Brown Ale The Livery Full Thrust - Imperial Stout w/ espresso, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple aged in a Rye Barrel (Friday) Mango Tango Milkshake IPA - White IPA with mango, pineapple, lactose, and vanilla (Saturday) Maillot Noir - Sour Oak-Aged Biere de Garde w/ red and black raspberries (Saturday) Grand Reserve Funkalicious - Sour Imperial Red Ale w/ raspberries aged 2.5 years in oak casks (Friday) BBA Wee Heavy Butterfly Effect - Belgian White IPA Oktoberfest Massive Action - Double IPA The Mitten Brewing Co. Barrel Up - Double Maple Pecan Brown Country Strong - American IPA Triple Crown Brown - English Mild Scotch Porter MVPumpkin Ale Dock's No No - Double IPA Third Monk Brewing Co. The Saint - Belgian Trippel Oktoberfest - Marzen Winter Pays for Summer - Black IPA - Black Ale Small Stone - NE IPA - Double IPA Thornapple Brewing Co. Pumkin D-Light Salted Caramel Brown Marzen the Martian Thunder Cloud Ride - Imperial IPA 6" Blonde Light Krystall - Hefe-Weizen Snowbird - Fruit Beer Tilted Axis Brewing Co. Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Spheric Wave Double IPA Fleur de Ciney Belgian Brown Ale Legend Cherry Wheat Tilted Cow Cream Stout Traffic Jam & Snug Silver Jubilee - Pale Ale Natural Selection - Porter Collaboration Ale Transient Artisan Ales Beer list not provided. Tri-City Brewing Oktoberfest Scarecrow Brown Brownhoist - Brown Ale Intergalactic Jack - American Pale Ale Annabel Lee Belgian Red - Belgian Pale Ale Grand Traverse Slayer - Barrel-Aged Beer Blueberry Light Mr Sinister Belgian Quad Cherry Torchon Vienna Lager Unruly Brewing Co. Punk 'N Rock - Pumpkin Beer 21 Guns - American Wheat Beer Grisette - Belgian Saison Batch 1,000 - Red Ale Oats 'N Hoes - Double IPA Tropic Thunder - Double IPA UrbanRest Brewing Co. Barleywine Cask (Saturday) Barleywine Imperial Saison Perpetual Fog - Double IPA Creamsicle Fog - Double IPA (Friday) BBA Belgian Golden Strong (Friday) BBA 4 Roses Prince Junior (Saturday) Watermark Brewing Co. BA Cherry Urchin - Sour Beer (Saturday) 8 Degrees Collab. - Pale Ale Scarab - Sour Beer (Saturday) S'more Vibes - Stout King Prawn - IPA White Flame Brewing Co. Black Flame - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout brewed w/ maple syrup (Friday) Polar Vortex - BBA Honey Strong Ale (Saturday) Totally Rad - IPA Mo' Peez - IPA (Saturday) BBA Black Sheep Big Willy - Barrel-Aged Beer Oktoberfest - Marzen Super G - American IPA (Friday) Witch's Hat Brewing Co. Boysenberry Ghost Pepper Night Fury Train Hopper - American IPA Oktoberfest - Marzen Traxxx Night Fury - Bourbon Barrel Imperial Peanut Butter Stout Batch 1000 Brut Train Hopper - American IPA Dames and the Giant Peach (Fermenta Collab.) Blueberry Lemonade Gose Wolverine State Brewing Co. Mexican Hot Chocolate Massacre Oktoberfest - Marzen 2018 Massacre - Barrel-Aged Beer Squishy Squashy - Pumpkin Beer What's Your Password? - Imperial IPA Raucher - Smoke Beer Barista - Coffee Beer Ugh Boots - Pumpkin Beer Hello Old Friend - Munich Helles Woodward Avenue Brewers Harvest Maiden - Harvest Ale Nuclear Saturday - American IPA Raspberry Cream Ale Woodward Avenue Blonde Wiezenghiest - Hefe-Weizen Aggrovator - Tropical Stout Rudeboy Breakfast - English Bitter Barleysaurus Wrecks - Barleywine AlterEgo - Altbier Ypsi Alehouse Blue Racer StreetCar #10 - American Pilsner (Friday) Mishabooz - Stout (Friday) Tridge Isle Royale - Amber Ale (Saturday) Baby Boo - Pumpkin Beer (Saturday) Ypsitucky (Saturday) denotes two token samples

Summer Beer Festival 2020

U.P. Fall Beer Festival

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